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#CancelCancer · 5:22pm Dec 3rd, 2019

You don't have to be a fan of Matpat or GT Live to realize what he and several other YouTubers are doing today. I'm willing to bet cancer has touched each and every one of us in some manner. I lost both my Grandma and my Grandpa to two separate types. Come check out the live stream starts at 10 AM PST So about an hour of me posting this. If you don't feel up to it or hate all the YouTubers who are participating.

Donate by going HERE

Every cent donated is going directly to Saint Jude.

Well, you know where I'll be all day. Hope to see some of you there too!

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My great uncle had it. Overcome with grief, he uhh... took an early exit.

The new FNAF game will also be shown, at around 4:00pm PST with a $500,000 prize hidden by Scott Coffin in the the game if MatPat, Dawko and Markiplier can find it for St Jude's.

If they manage that it looks like our Youtubers may give Saint Jude close to one million...It's just amazing.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you for your condolences. I have a firm belief that MatPat and the other youtubers will raise a lot money. :twilightsmile:

Husband, Mom, and I are donating 50$ total

Hm... Wish I could donate right now. I've reached my budget limit. Perhaps when I get my next paycheck. :twilightsmile:

They raised 1.2 million dollars... It was amazing!

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