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BronyCon 2019 Reflections Part 3: Saturday · 5:14am Nov 24th, 2019


Saturday was a rather frustrating day for me. The lines for the panels seemed longer and more confusing than ever. I couldn’t get into any of the panels I wanted until 3 PM, so I mainly just walked around the convention center, occasionally returning to my room to think. I had Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast and had a hot dog from the Nathan’s at the con center for lunch. Both were pretty good. I finally bought something at the vendor hall on this day. I bought a plush of a bat pony OC named Blazing Star and I also bought a Rainbow Dash t-shirt that said “Forever Rainbow Dash” on it.

I finally attended my first panel of the day at 3 PM, which was about getting into voice acting. It was pretty interesting.

I had dinner at Jimmy John’s again. I really wish I had one up where I live.

I did pop my head in BronyPalooza this year, but I didn’t stay long. Mane Event’s hall was so packed I couldn’t get in, I just stood outside the entrance with a couple of others and listened to the music for a bit. After that I went to “Pony SuperFight! Epic Horse Battle.” It was a card game where two characters went up against each other and each had a super power and a weakness. The character who survived three fights in a row won the round and then two new characters would be chosen. It was pretty interesting.

Around 11:30, I attended a panel called “It’s in Our Hooves Now: The Importance of Fanfiction After the Series Ends.” The panelists were a mix of clop and SFW writers. This panel gave me hope for the future of the fandom.

The last event I attended that night was Tavern Purlesque. The line extended all the way to the end of the skywalk. Since it was nighttime, the skywalk didn’t feel unbearably hot like it did when I tried to stand in line for the MA Larson panel on Friday. I really thought the event would be capped and I couldn’t get in. Luckily, that didn’t happen. The event got off to a late start, but it was worth the wait. I’m not sure how much I can describe of it due to its 18+ nature, but I will say that the performers at this burlesque show were great. Good song selection at this show as well. When they played “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, I was singing along with the audience like I was at a Def Leppard concert. Tavern Purlesque was my favorite event of the convention. It was so much fun! It was almost 3 AM when Tavern Purlesque ended. Everyone was having so much fun, I don’t think anyone wanted it to end, but to be nice to the Hilton we had to wrap it up. The elevators were quite busy that night. I didn’t get to sleep until like 4 AM. So worth it though.

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