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OC Spotlight: Fried Chicken Dealer · 12:34am Nov 11th, 2019

  • He come bringin' chicken
  • It be gosh darn finger lickin'
  • Hecc I made a rhyme

So. Fried Chicken Dealer. Showed up every now and then as a recurring joke character. He's the typical shady street merchant dude-- trenchcoat, gravelly voice, sticks around in the shadows, stuff like that. The main difference? He carries entire buckets of fried chicken in that trenchcoat. Nobody knows how or why, but he tends to sell specifically to ponies craving chicken for whatever reason. Who knows?

Also, the chicken may or may not be drugged. That's up to the reader to decide. :trixieshiftright:

Geez, these reviews have been short, haven't they?

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Surely you have OCs other than joke characters and a self-insert, right?


You'll start seeing some actual OCs of substance starting tomorrow. Most of what I've been showing here in these blogs have been older OCs I made years ago. :twilightsmile:

Is it wrong of me to want you to bring this OC back one day?

idk. I think I remember he's popped up once or twice in What If.

Well I dont remember, there are too little gooses swimming on triceratops tails

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