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OC spotlight: Benjy the Peashooter · 3:20am Nov 8th, 2019

I said we were gonna keep going back, and where did that bring us? Right back into fan characters. Yessiree, I was a pretty big PvZ fan back when the original game was out (and is also still salty to this day about EA introducing microtransactions in every version that came after the original after buying out Popcap) but that's besides the point.

Benjy is the awkward lovechild of being in both the Captain Underpants and Plants vs. Zombies fandom in that he is a peashooter that has built himself a flower pot mech that runs off the "super power juice" from Captain Underpants.

Also, he and his parents ran a cable TV channel called "Newsweek Plants" that reported on the random things that happened to catch the attention of third-grade me. Also also, he fought zombies on the side in his mech because peashooter.

I'm pretty sure I've still got old drawings of Benjy somewhere in my old notebooks from back then stuffed between the pages, but they're probably long-since buried in my box of old notebooks and journals from school.

Anyway, that's pretty much all.


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I definitely did not use a random word generator to do that

awkward lovechild of being in (multiple fandoms)

Bruh, do you have any idea how many OCs in this fandom have that as a basis? Just taking a character from the creator's other fandom and making a pony based on them? It's a lot, Thingpone is just the most well-known.

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