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  • 19 weeks

    Latest chapter proofread by grandma! Many mistakes fixed! Much better! Much wow! Read now!

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  • 27 weeks

    Finally got Zerg of the Land to my editor, and holy shit, there were a lot of mistakes. But they're good now!

    1 comments · 34 views
  • 29 weeks
    Zerg of da Land

    Planning to redo the cover art, and I need at least 17 people, but more can join


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  • 34 weeks
    Modern Equestria 3

    Should I ponify mw characters to better fit, or leave it as is?

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  • 47 weeks

    I have so many story/chapter ideas, yet my overwhelming need for it to be over a few thousand words and also be good quality is kicking my ass.

    Should I make a story where it's just short and sweet ideas that pop into my brain, or should I stick to my current schedule of one or two story/chapter uploads a year?

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Pre Release Password · 4:47pm Nov 4th, 2019

One thing I wanna know is how in the hell does accessing unreleased chapters of another users story with a password works. Can anyone help?

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