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My thoughts on the Grogar twist · 12:40pm Oct 18th, 2019

Okay. I am going to be completely honest here.

I never really cared about Grogar. Like, at all. When he came strutting into the Season 9 premiere, while everyone else was squeeing about the G1 callbacks, I was just, "Oh. It's the goat guy from G1. Okay then." He just didn't really make an impression on me. He felt too much like a one-note ancient evil overlord. To me, he honestly paled in comparison to Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow. Yeah, they're die-hard villains, but they've been around for quite a while now, long enough to make an impression, and I honestly didn't like the idea of them getting upstaged by this new guy.

Then the twist happened. And after I got over my initial shock, I realized that I was actually kinda happy about it. Mostly for the above reasons.

And for those of you who still think Grogar was going to be the MLP version of Thanos...no. He really isn't. Thanos was a presence in the MCU since at least the first Avengers movie. He had build-up to his big entrance in Infinity War. Grogar just shows up out of nowhere, gets a couple of monologues over like two episodes out of a nine year show, and all of a sudden we're supposed to care.

And some people obviously did, of course. But I was just not one of those people.

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I enjoyed Discord being Discord. He may be friends with our favorite characters, but he is still the embodiment of chaos. His well intentioned help will always be tainted methinks by his nature.

I actually believed that the Windigos, specifically THE ALPHA, should become the true main villains and final bosses of MLP. Picture this, just before the Terrifying Triad could try to fight against all of Equestria, ANOTHER PLOT TWIST OCCURS! The Bewitching Bell’s magic gets sucked up by a Windigo who is larger and more demonic looking than the rest of its kin. Immediately, the Windigo alpha inexplicably breaks into song much to everyone’s confusion before absorbing Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy into their body, effectively KILLING them. Afterwards, the alpha reveals that “for too long, we had to watch from the darkness as the world changed too quickly. We lost our only source of life and we were furious that the ridiculous belief of friendship has managed to prosper! So, we’ve all decided: we DO NOT want to conquer Equestria like many have before. Instead, WE WILL DESTROY IT FOREVER!!!!! SOON, ONLY WE WILL EXIST IN A CONTINUOUS SPACE OF HATRED THAT WILL KEEP US FED UNTIL THE END OF ETERNITY!!!! EQUESTRIA AND FRIENDSHIP IS DEAD! THE WINDIGOS WILL FINALLY BE THE ONLY ONES THAT REMAIN! AND THEN, THEN WE WILL BE THE WINNERS AT! LONG! LAST!!!” Cue epic battle between good and evil, with the Windigos revealing they are UNAFFECTED by the RAINBOW OF FRIENDSHIP, since they evolved way before Equestria was created. Luckily, because Windigos are pure magic themselves, Twilight uses the Bewitching Bell to not only give everybody their magic back, but also suck up all the Windigos into it, ending the threat of evil forever.

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