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"Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear?" – John Lennon

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Don't Look Back In Anger · 1:34am Oct 13th, 2019

Well. that's that, I suppose. There've been plenty of ups, and plenty of downs. Where exactly these final three episode lie on that spectrum remains to be truly seen; to say there's some debate would be an understatement. Personally, while it's far from perfect, I think there are far worse notes for a show to go out on.

But that's just me. You do you.

In the end, though, I think we all need to realize is that, whether we liked the finale or not, there's a reason we were all watching it in the first place. A reason that we came to this show into the first place.

Hold on to that reason, be it your favorite episode, season, character, fanfic, whatever. If you're disappointed by the note this story went out on, don't let it taint your view of all the great things that came before.

This chapter of our lives is closing—why waste its fleeting moments grumbling? There will be a time to analyze this episode, and the series as a whole. To admire its successes, and to shun its missteps. So then why, when we have the rest of our lives to look back, should we waste these finite hours allowing ourselves to be consumed by hatred and rage?

I don't ask that you turn a blind eye to the show's failings. I simply ask that, at least for the rest of this particular day, you allow yourself be swept up in the heat of the moment. Take in the bittersweetness of watching these six mares, plus all their friends and family, fade out of our sights for the final time.

In spite of however you felt before, use this moment to let yourself feel happy about all the things that you've seen.

For one short, beautiful moment, don't look back in anger.

At least, not today.

The show may be over, but I intend to stick around for quite a while. If you're the same as me, and wish to stick around, at least for just a little while longer, I hope we shall cross paths again someday.

Hoping I'll see you then,

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Oh hey, nice blog title you got there...

TDon't Look Back in Anger
So Celly can wait; she know's it's too late, as we're walking on by.
Super Trampoline · 1.1k words  ·  36  10 · 1.6k views

There's a fic coming later this week, too. (Hopefully).

EDIT: This turned out to be a complete and total lie. My bad.

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