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[Ramble] Notification Bell · 2:19pm Oct 9th, 2019

The Notification Bell is a funny thing. A curious little thing. In the desktop version, it is nothing but a vector resembling the well-known bell in silhouette form.

A well-known bell. They usually hung from a bell tower.

Did you know that a Catholic Church's bell tower usually have two bells? No, not one. Two. One is bigger than the other, its name will be John's bell. The smaller one Jacob's. Although, they both would be called Angelus' bell, from where I came from. I'd know, I used to wake up very early in the morning just so I can ring it for the morning masses. What a great time to be alive, it was. I was so young, so full of spirit and purpose in every step I make and every breath I take.

Anyway, Notification Bell. It rings, or does it toll? One may never know. Or maybe one can, for it is in my mind that the Notification Bell tolls. In the mobile version, the Notification Bell has a little negative space in its otherwise bland silhouette to represent reflected light in the ball. I think it's cute. Endearing.

I didn't notice it before, but there I was, looking at it with utmost delight and amazement that the Notification Bell has a cute little feature of a light reflection in its ball. It was a very insignificant feature in its otherwise generic visage. Until I noticed it, at least, which made me open up the site in mobile every day just to zoom in on the bell silhouette.

Or maybe I did that just to justify my unquenchable thirst for attention, symbolized by the number popping up at the top left corner of the bell?

And that's another thing, right and left. I saw the number in the top left corner not because I can't figure out which is right and which is left, but because I saw it from the bell's perspective. Like and anatomical drawing, where the lung in the left of the drawing is the right lung.

Or does the bell really is looking at me? How should I know if the Notification Bell noticed me at all? Does it care for me, sympathizing or maybe empathizing for the attention I so desire that only she could tell me whether or not I gain? How should I know if the bell is looking away from me all this time, not caring about whatever I'm doing or how there's this one time I opened up the site five dozen times in a single twenty-four-hour cycle because I felt so insecure about myself at that moment and is in dire need of attention?

Or maybe that never happened. Maybe I wrote that last bit just so anyone who reads it may sympathize?

Is that the ultimate purpose of my life? To gain attention and hopefully attract a potential mate and reproduce? Am I bound forever to the laws of nature, to fulfill some misguided chemicals billions of years ago that formed life and decided to keep on doing what it's doing, that is, living?

But that doesn't matter now, does it? What matters now is the bell. The notification bell tolls thrice. Thrice. And then, thrice again.

Nine notifications, all coming from a single sapient being in some corner of the world meticulously labeling one of my stories into hir meticulously-prepared labeling system.

The notification bell rings, telling me what to feel. The notification bell rings, telling me to stop looking at the screen and focus on the outside world.

I know she cares about me, that bell. She cares about me and wants me to not be so far detached from real life. The small indentation of reflection significance told me that. A testament to her love for me. She wants me to notice the small reflection in it and began a train of thought and question all my life choices and why I so love to write about ponies.

I love the Notification Bell. I think it's cute. Endearing, even.

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And now I can't help but imagine a tale of three sisters, Personal Message, News Feed, and Notification Bell. I assume they run a publishing house together.

Notification Bell has a cute little feature of a light reflection in its ball.

By golly, it does! :pinkiegasp:

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