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Another Mass Dislike · 5:46pm Oct 4th, 2019

Again, someone's gone and defaced a chunk of my stories in a row. Coward. Unfortunately there's no defense against it on this site, rendering ratings useless to smaller creators. It's a rich-get-richer community here.

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Well, that was totally rude of them.

I expect it when I post dark/edgy stuff, but it's irritating when they just dump on a bunch of my fics to 'punish' me. Just makes me want to write more stuff they'll hate, really.

Then write what feels right for you. Who cares about what they think?

That's what I tend to do, but it just sucks when people will pass over the smaller fics I write due to poor ratings.

Just like what you told me last time, keep in mind that your stories will be enjoyed by a certain audience, even if it's niche.

Yep, I'd rather write what I'm into than play it safe!

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