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    Here we are again

    Here we are again
    The middle of the night

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    Radiant Rarity

    Hello is this thing on?
    I suppose It is
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    Sneeze sniffle repeat

    Stuffed up nose tonight. Two days ago it was the headache so bad I started vomiting. Can't stop sneezing.

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    Things have been...Tricky as of late. A bit prickly, you see. I've not been to work in a solid week, and I'm not to be paid for that week. Tis been raining, you see, and there's been quite a bit of flooding of late. This means there's no work to be done, as our shipments have been waylaid by the elements. This, in turn, means there's no need for us to visit the shop and thusly, I've had time off.

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low battery · 10:25am September 22nd

Marginally good day today. I got to have lunch with ApplejackEQM and FluttershyEQM. I haven't seen Applejack in...years, I think. We had a good time. She introduced me to some new friends she'd made and we all got to yabber about nothing in a lovely little Chinese parlor AJ picked because she knew it was my favorite. Despite how much we argue sometimes, and how I'm scared we're drifting apart, she's one of the few ponies in the world who really gets me sometimes.

I'm sick. Again. this evening nose got all clogged up and I can feel my energy just draining out of me. It's awful, really. All of my bleck. I have multiple issues going on right now (Don't we all) and being sick is not a welcome addition to that list. I need life to just...sit back for a minute and let me relax. I can do without the stuffy nose and headache.

New work in progress. I discussed some of my new ideas with a friend, who says they're excited to see them, but I find myself struggling with what exactly I'm going to do in regards to genre. This is the sort of story that could either be horror, romantic comedy, or thriller adventure and I'm not sure which I want yet.

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Good hear that you had a nice time with Applejack and Fluttershy! It's always great to catch up with friends and enjoy being with people who really know you.

Sorry you're feeling ill again. Hope you feel better soon and that life gives you a chance to catch up, dear Lady.

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