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There are two lives: The life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.

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Thoughts Half Baked #1 · 1:00am Sep 3rd, 2019

What is this? A new blog post series? Why, yes, it is! Thank you for asking. In Thoughts Half Baked, I share some of the many promising ideas for stories I’ve had over the years that never quite materialized into finished products for one reason or another. PaulAsaran’s been doing it, and I figured, hey, why not? People might find it interesting. Plus, better to share what sprouts I have than just let them wallow on my desktop forever. In this installment, I’ll be covering the one fic I actually started writing but couldn’t bring myself to actually complete, tentatively titled Suddenly, Kirin Filly.

Ok, so. I originally conceived of this story after the Kirin were introduced to the show. Because, well, Kirin in MLP differ greatly from those in mythology, and I figured it would be interesting to apply some of their mythological behaviors retroactively. Namely, the fact that they tended to herald the arrival or departure of important figures, such as sages or great rulers. I also wanted to write something cute and fluffy. In a flash of brilliance, I combined the two. Suddenly, Kirin Filly was to be a slice of life comedy, in which the titular filly just thrusts herself into every aspect of Twilight’s life, becoming sort of a more adorable, clingier version of Spike, helping with her duties and playing a few notes on a bugle before she entered rooms. But alas, the aforementioned flash would later prove to be just a flash in the pan, as I hit a massive wall: the details. For the life of me, beyond that initial setup, nothing flowed. The jokes, the dialogue, it all dried up. Still, I managed to get a bit down, which you can read below. If you’re curious, check it out, and then be sure to convey your disappointment if you wish I’d managed to follow through with it.

Twilight, while of course knowledgeable on the subject, has never actually met a kirin before. Until a fuzzy little one pops into her life, begins sticking to her like glue, and insists on helping her as much as she possibly can. Like, way more than entirely necessary. But really, how can she say no that face?

I stepped out of my castle with a smile on my face. The crisp early air, inhaled deeply, helped counteract the lethargy induced by my large pancake breakfast, and I straightened with renewed vigor at the slight chill in my lungs. Tea could only do so much, after all. Celestia had done a bang-up job with the dawn this morning, soft rays of sunshine gently bouncing off the dew-speckled grass.

The school building was so close by that flying there wasn't really necessary, and I almost always arrived before any of my friends/fellow teachers regardless. My thoughts lingered on recent events as I trotted off into the familiar scenery. Lately, things in town had been fairly routine, with nothing throwing a wrench in the works for good or ill since the whole Cozy Glow debacle. But today was something special, I could feel it. Maybe my new lesson plan would really speak to somecreature!


I turned to face the source of the high-pitched greeting. It was a filly I didn't immediately recognize, probably around age six or seven, with a yellow coat, white mane, and green scales. She stared up at me with an expectant grin. "Oh, good morning!" I replied, waving a hoof. It was always nice to see a new neighbor, a sure sign of a growing Ponyville. Since she didn't seem to have anything else to say, I walked on past her.

Wait, green scales?

With a yelp of surprise, I jumped, spinning to face the filly once more as my wings flared open. After blinking a few times, my eyes widened in surprise once I'd confirmed that, no, I had not been seeing things. The filly did have scales, and they were indeed green, the color of spring leaves. Not only that, her horn was dual-pronged, her hooves were cloven, and her tail wasn't just hair. Not to mention the neckbeard, usually only found on slovenly stallions. She was a kirin! At least, I assumed she was, given that she matched Fluttershy and Applejack's descriptions. At the moment, she was still staring up at me with eagerness.

"W-What are you doing here?" I asked, stuttering from sheer bafflement.

"I'm here for you!" the filly replied, her skinny tail swishing back and forth. "I'm so glad I finally found you! What's your name?"

Folding my wings back up, I returned her stare. How could she be here for me without knowing who I was? "I'm Twilight Sparkle. You know... the Princess of Friendship?"

"I knew it!" she exclaimed with a gasp, joyfully bouncing in place.

Ok, she was cute, I'd give her that, but I still had many, many questions. Working my jaw, I forced the first one out. "Uh, how about you?"

"Whimsy!" she replied, beaming.

I took a step closer to Whimsy, creasing my brow in concern. "Where are your parents, Whimsy? And how did you get to Ponyville?"

Here, Whimsy puffed up proudly, her white mane ruffling slightly. "They're not here. I walked all by myself!"

I stared, not quite sure I'd heard her right. "I'm sorry, I must have misheard. You said you walked here?"

Whimsy nodded rapidly. "Yup! It took a while."

My mouth fell open. Had she seriously ran away from home? The Peaks of Peril were weeks away on hoof; it's a miracle she made it in one piece! Rushing to her side, I gave Whimsy a once-over. She giggled as I examined her from every angle, and thankfully didn't appear hurt in any way. I let out a sigh of relief. Still, though. "You're not hungry at all? And you weren't attacked by any monsters?" I asked to be sure.

She shook her head. "I like grass, so I ate that. And everykirin knows that monsters always leave them alone. It's 'cause they know if we get mad, they'll be, uh..." she trailed off, her muzzle scrunching up as she wracked her brain for the right word. "In-cin-er-a-ted," she finished, her smile returning.

I balked, not quite sure what to make of that. At least, until I realized what Whimsy had meant, and then lavender hoof met lavender head. Of course, kirin transform into nirik when they get angry. And nirik are always on fire. It probably originated as a defense mechanism.

I straightened, regaining my composure. Ok, Twilight, moving on now. Just... be delicate, otherwise she's liable to burn you to a crisp. No pressure. Putting on my best reassuring authority figure face, I knelt down in front of her, placing a hoof on her shoulder. "Alright, Whimsy. Can you please tell me why you came all this way?"

"I said already; to see you!" Lunging forwards, she wrapped her short yellow legs around my neck in a hug.

I took another deep breath, trying very hard to be patient before returning the hug. "But we've never met," I pointed out.

"I know, but the Call drew me here," Whimsy said. She seemed to have no intention of letting go. If anything, she was holding onto me even more tightly.

Having a proper conversation while embracing didn't really work, so I worked my hooves up and gently pried her off. Thankfully, she didn't resist, and settled for plopping herself down right in front of me. "The Call? What's that?" I asked, the term genuinely unfamiliar.

Whimsy cocked her head to the side. "You don't know?" Without waiting for me to reply, Whimsy fished a small book out of her mane and presented it to me in both hooves. "Here, this is how I learned!"

Taking the book in my magic, I angled it up as to be readable. At first glance, it looked like a picture book, complete with a colorful illustration of a young kirin colt on the cover. It was titled The Call and You, by Rain Shine.

Shrugging, never one to turn down a new book, I cracked the thing open and began to read as Whimsy looked on.

As you've grown older, have you begun to feel strange? it read. Do you find yourself wanting to leave the village? Is there a tingle in your head? The picture was of the same kirin as the cover, looking a tad uncomfortable. I turned the page. Now, he seemed relieved. Don't worry! That's just the Call! It's very rare, and a great honor. Be excited!

Page three had him gazing wistfully away from some buildings. Somewhere out there, a great ruler needs you! They might be too busy or too tired to do their best. But you can help!

{{This is when the writer's block happened.}}

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In a stunning twist, the filly is actually sensing the arrival of Sarkhan Vol in Equestria. Seriously, the guy can't go anywhere with kirin anymore without gettiing mobbed by the things. Of course, by that point, Twilight's grown used to her, which means there's a fair amount of jealousy and resentment involved. Especially when he's more interested in Spike.

... What? Seems like a reasonable idea to me. :derpytongue2: In all seriousness, I can see why you hit a wall with this one, but it definitely shows adorable potential.

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