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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.

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My Little Pony: Friendship Vs Evil Explained Part 2 · 10:14am Sep 2nd, 2019

Fall of the Ascenders:

On Hearths Warming Eve Night, Malavolence finds out that he can spread his alien blood to Ascender-Equestrian hybrids like Webber and Deathshadow, but only Webber can control it. Waking up with his new given alien powers, he later finds out who killed his and Deathshadow's parents, thanks to Malavolence telekinesis, which Luna had kept from them since she raised them as colts. So then Webber, his brother, and a couple of their friends go to take down Malavolence and the Ascenders once and for all, on the actual planet of Symbroctio itself. They win, decimate the alien ponies, blow up the planet, and make it back safely to Equestria, where Webber and Deathshadow realize they belong.

A New Darkness Awakens:

Next in this story arc, after the final 2-parter of season 9, the 1st ( chronologically 2nd ) chapter showcases Twilight sensing darkness everywhere she goes, so she asks Celestia and Luna for help, and their minds are also clouded. Meanwhile, Webber and his brother appear out of nowhere, making a cloning machine out of dark alien magic, which works, and Webber clones himself. Although the clone that came out resembled Webber, and had every ability as him minus the alien powers, but the only difference was his mane and tail were pitch black instead of gray with black stripes, and he had blood red eyes. Webber calls his new clone "Hallows", and starts getting to know him.

Then, the mystical darkness that surrounded Equestria, finds out about the cloning, and manifests a hybrid of both Webber and Hallows, albiet with a malfunctioning voice, and takes the dark alicorn embodiment as its apperentice, and calls him "Death Wish". Later on, Celestia gets a visit from the dark force in the air, and recognizes the voice. She then asks for Twilight and the Mane 5 personally, stating that she realizes why Twilight has sensed darkness in the air: Dark Lord Maelstrom is planning to return. Maelstrom was revealed by Luna to be her grandson, who used to be named Prince Riptide, a curious but wise Pegasus who was shattered into pieces when Luna was banished to the Moon years ago. Only his soul remained, which was engulfed in Nightmare Moon's dark magic. After knowing this, Hallows forecfully betrays his creator against his will by Lord Maelstrom's soul and Death Wish, whom Maelstrom gave a playfully psychotic, yet terrifying personality. Death Wish and Hallows destroy multiple areas in Ponyville as a sign, stating that the Dark Lord will return soon.

( Pt 3 coming soon )

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