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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.



This story is a sequel to Malavolence

Equestria's future is uncertain. A couple months after the defeat of the Storm King, a dark force is finding it's way to the land, to do who knows what. Twilight and her friends meet many new faces, defeat new enemies, and are revealed to many shocking secrets relative to the fate of Equestria's future in this story of My Little Pony: Friendship Vs Evil. This is part one of Act I of this 10 part storyline.

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This Webber guy is pretty powerful in this story. Is there a backstory about it, describing the details on how became like that or is he just great from the start?

I'll hopefully make a bio about him soon. 😄

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