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Loving Submission has the same number of likes after ten days as A Gentleman's Price did after ten days. Also updates. · 9:01pm Aug 4th, 2019

Calling Loving Submission a mistake may have been a tad bit premature on my part...

With a fandom nearly 50% weaker in number since 2015 and without any popular tags such as Human or a beloved brand-name like the Gentlemanverse, and 4 times the front-page coverage — the first four chapters were launched on different days similar to the strategy Keep Him Busy is employing right now — Loving Submission has performed the nearly miraculous task of keeping pace with AGP and accruing 65 likes. I've got plenty of things I can add to this story as I've developed quite a lot of headcanon for it. To that end, I've decided that despite the seething mass of discontent among the silent minority who hurled 20 dislikes at it, I will be adding on to it. For the people who did dislike it, one bit of good news is that I'll be able to address some of the concerns expressed about Roseluck's situation feeling like a trap. I'm going to go back over all the comments I received good and bad and talk with my editor in depth about his own concerns. Together I think we can come to an agreement that will improve the final product.

Speaking of adding content, I'm also working on a bonus chapter to A Gentleman's Price. Lily Valley and Golden Harvest could use one scene together I think.

Lastly, I've started work on the Roseluck anthology I mentioned in my last blog. I can't give an estimate yet for when anything will be released but I'll have something out within a week or two.

I'd better because World of Warcraft Classic comes out in a little over 3 weeks. I'm going to be on hiatus for a while when that comes out and probably not writing too much.

That's about all I had to mention except for one final note: I really, really appreciate the feedback Loving Submission got. The people in the comments are all amazing. Few stories on this site being launched these days can boast such insightful and candid feedback as what I got for that story. Not all heroes wear capes.

Edit: Since posting this blog the story got two new dislikes in rapid succession. I'm still going to keep writing so nothing was accomplished. You will get more zebras and like it. :rainbowlaugh:

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For what it's worth, I think it's anything but a mistake. It accomplished what it set out to achieve - sexy zebra breeding. It did take a serious shot at wrapping said sexy zebra breeding in an envelope of seemingly considered and deliberate world-building, which in turn attracted serious and deliberate criticism and feedback. And perhaps in pursuit of oneshot brevity, a lot of details that would have been more reassuring in such a serious setting were glossed over. So perhaps writing a more in-depth exploration of the world and Rose's situation might in fact be the way forwards. I for one support this move.

That and I would always welcome more sexy zebra breeding.

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