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  • 33 weeks
    Well that was a rapid and overwhelming response

    Seriously, I posted my last blog... three hours ago? And a bunch of you decided to pitch in. Uh... Thank you. Seriously. I mean it.


    I guess I should work on some ponyfic. See if I can get anything out for... let's say halloween? Yeah.


    Definitely going to go for some creepy pone!

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  • 33 weeks

    It's been a long time, huh? Almost a year. And I'm back to beg for money.

    Le sigh...

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    Status Update: Mostly okay!

    I've got most of my workload for the month done, via my new RWBY/H:ZD fic, and a number of chapters in the pipeline! That said...

    this is awkward to admit but I kinda need sixty dollars to pay off my internet bill before the day is out.

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    A month's worth of radio silence




    There is so much I have to do....

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    I have not seen the finale

    but I have heard some spoilers, and I have a proposition for everyone to consider.

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AO3 Alert: Well, this is a bit awkward. · 2:20am Aug 1st, 2019

I spent so long working on collabs this month that I only got two patreon chapters out. And they're both first chapters. The first chapter of Psychosynthesis, and the first chapter of Hypersonic Boom.

Thankfully, I do have enough (thanks to some very generous people) that I should be mostly okay for next month... it'll be a bit tight, but I can swing it. Probably. I'll try to up my income and get back into regular fic posting.

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"Hi Sticks! This is Rouge! She's a government agent and needs a place to live for a week! Keep an eye on her!"

Okay, this is automatically at least the second-best Sonic the Hedgehog fic I've ever read. :rainbowlaugh:

...Granted, I've only ever read one other good one that matched the standards for good fanfiction (okay, technically a trilogy quadrology), but still. :twilightsheepish:

Not for lack of trying though. Look at my user name. :rainbowderp:

Good fanfiction is so hard to find outside this fandom. :facehoof:

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