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Ron Jeremy Pony

What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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  • 4 weeks
    The Next 'Channel' in Channel Surfing.

    I got to thinking about it, and to be honest there is so many fanstories, actual series, and so on in MLP that deciding on what to do next could be considered next to impossible. So, instead I'm going to ask everyone else to vote on the following narrowed down decisions for the next channel that Andrew is going to hop to.

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  • 4 weeks
    Another Year

    First, I want to apologize to everyone for not updating much. Life has been hectic, and I've been attempting to work on as much as I can. Unfortunately yesterday was mostly a non-productive day. Besides having to play exterminator in our home and spray (One of our neighbors had did the same to her home, and basically she chased everything that was crawling around in there to the homes next to

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  • 7 weeks
    Stella and Sveta In A love as Steady as Stone

    So, those of you following A Love as Steady as Stone you might have noticed a Foul Mouthed Lunar Pegasus and her sister present. There's a reason for that. I asked Flammenwerfer if he minded if I used Sveta and Stella for the story, and I also said that they would be a bit part of a couple of chapters, and likely after would end up being background characters. Flammenwerfer gave me the Okay,

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  • 11 weeks
    The Lord of Ragnarok new chapter

    So good news everyone! I've finished the first draft of my novel, and while my beta readers are going over it, letting me know what they think, pointing out little errors, and the like, I thought that I would go ahead and post a little update. It might be a couple of days before it's done, being that I have an interview tomorrow, and then if I get the job I'll likely start the day after

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  • 12 weeks
    Even when working I've been getting ideas for new stories

    It's amazing how when you're working you just get ideas. For example I'm a huge comic book geek. I always have been, I absolutely love Spider-man. Specifically I'm a fan of Spidey in the Ultimate Universe, and of course of his daughter in the M2 universe. so, what does this have to do with a story? I could see Doom combining various universes, including the Equestria girls' own Universe. I

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Been Toying with an idea. · 2:17pm Jul 5th, 2019

L0rd0f7hund3r and I have been talking back and forth, and I've been toying with an idea. Basically it would be a crossover fic, and it would be Sunset ending up in the Watchmen Universe before the Keen Act. She would be hanging out with Daniel Dreiberg, Walter Kovacs, Laurie Jupiter, and Jon Osterman. The idea came from a single scene I wrote where she fell through a portal, she was trying to close on her world, and ended up in New York in the back allies. Unfortunately she almost falls victim to a rapist, but as fate would have it Rorschach was nearby to stop it. He saves her, and then leaves her there. She wanders out where she meets Daniel Dreiberg, who is in his Nite Owl II suit, and he becomes something of a mentor to her.

They end up speaking to Jon, Doctor Manhattan, who informs Sunset that he knows what she's going to ask, but she is going to be disappointed. From there we decided to have her journal make it through with her, and had some fun with the basic outline so far. Now, I've been considering fleshing it out, posting it, and seeing what happens. I'd love to hear some feed back, so let me know, good idea, bad, or eh, it'd be something to read.

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Watchmen huh, not sure if it's been done yet but I think the idea could be cool.

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