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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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Mane Eight Ranking, Version 8 · 4:26am Jul 2nd, 2019

Now that "Rainbow Roadtrip" has come and gone, I can give my thoughts properly on the main cast for the second to last time (barring something unforeseen happening). Season 9 so far has been interesting, there are quite a few things to consider. So did the number one spot change, and if so who now holds the top spot? Here's the previous version, from just after "Best Gift Ever", let's see what changed and why.

8. Applejack
Why she moved down: Poor Applejack, even in the last season it seems she gets no love at all. Her only focus episode was a throwaway one that felt more like Apple Bloom's story than her own. It was nice that they offered up some explanation for Applejack's workaholic tendencies, but even then it seems kind of jarring she'd give up on having fun just because of one bad experience and try to be a wet blanket for others. "Rainbow Roadtrip" seemed to sadly reinforce her status among the fandom as a background pony, even in the actual show, because she was flat out ignored by Twilight and everyone else. It's a shame too, because "Apple Cord" even if it was Ashliegh Ball's idea shows that the writers could do stuff with her if they wanted to.

7. Starlight Glimmer
Why she moved up: In hindsight, I was probably a little too harsh on Starlight in Season 8. Seasons 7 and 8 definitely got better at integrating her into the main cast, and she started to get some better focus episodes. It's understandable that in this final season they're toning down her role, and if "Student Counsel" is the last we'll see of her in the spotlight I think it's a good enough send off. She's definitely come far. But even then it feels like they could include her in a couple of stories, or even just a cameo or mention. I really have to question why she and Spike couldn't be added to "Rainbow Roadtrip", I guess maybe all the budget went into the animation?

6. Twilight Sparkle
Why she moved way down: Season 9 actually hasn't been anywhere near as bad for Twilight compared to Season 8, where the show seemed to turn her into a bad parody of herself. But the most we've seen of Twilight this season is freaking out, or screwing up. Think about it, Twilight is supposed to be the most logical and the most competent of all the mane six/seven/eight. She is supposed to be the one with the most experience and the one best suited to actually taking over from Celestia and Luna. But it seems like her only big accomplishments are ones that have nothing to do with it. She can only do good if the focus isn't directly on her. It was fine to an extent in "The Beginning of the End" since she was being put on the spot and no one could be ready to take over in just a few days without any heads up. But when you can lampshade her freak outs, then you know you've gone too far and become too predictable with them, which is exactly what doomed "The Point of No Return". Aside from that, Twilight got hit with the stupid stick hard in "Between Dark and Dawn", and it didn't help that we didn't get to see her actually fix what she broke (I can only assume she had to be bailed out by the princesses). "Rainbow Roadtrip" wasn't as jarring, but it seemed like it didn't know what to do with her, like she was a last minute addition and then they just forgot about her. And when Twilight just outright gave up after spending the whole special more or less in the library, it felt like her whole role was a waste. That's really saying something when the movie of all things could do more with her, despite not knowing whether it wanted to make her the cynic or the only sane one.

5. Rarity
Why she moved way down: It's hard to say where exactly Rarity should fall, as she hasn't been outright bad or terrible. She most certainly hasn't had a role that made her look bad like "The End in Friend". But "She's All Yak" was the most she could manage for screen time, and unfortunately it didn't do her too many favors. Her initial offerings of help to Yona were fine, she had good intentions and Yona came to her specifically because she believed she had to be a pony to fit in. It's in the third act that everything fell apart, Rarity prepared an overly lavish dress for Yona even though the amity ball wasn't anywhere close to a formal event, didn't bother to have Yona practice dancing with the dress on (why wouldn't you?), and despite being worried about Yona apparently didn't bother to go after her when Yona ran away. Also, as great as it was to see her take over and plan the heist in "Sparkle's Seven" I feel like she gave up on her plan too early, and the biggest reason it failed was because she didn't bother to double check anything before setting it up (plus, why did neither her or Twilight account for Shining Armor and Princess Celestia even though the whole purpose was to test security?).

4. Fluttershy
Why she moved up: If there was one thing good about "Sweet and Smoky" it's that Fluttershy was in top form throughout. They didn't say she'd overcome her fear of dragons entirely but she definitely made progress if she was willing to go to the dragon lands with Spike and Smolder. And she had no trouble putting Garble in his place for his behavior towards Spike (though it reeks of "Show, don't tell"). However, even if Fluttershy knows nothing about dragon customs, I find it odd that an animal expert like her wouldn't be able to tell a nesting place was hot or cold, and that temperature is a factor for egg care. It was odd to see her be paired up with Pinkie Pie for "Rainbow Roadtrip" but I think that was actually the best thing about it, we finally got that FlutterPie interaction we'd been dying for since "Buckball Season".

3. Spike
Why he moved way up: There's no denying it, this has been Spike's season so far for the most part. The little guy was on a roll almost from the get go. I find it odd that King Sombra still didn't account for him in "The Beginning of the End" and then somehow decided to just brainwash him, you'd think Sombra would be smart enough not to make such an obvious mistake. But it was "Sparkle's Seven" that really opened up the doors for Spike, and the little guy didn't look back. "The Point of No Return" did have some comedic stuff for him, but instead of the usual comedic antics where Spike is picked on or belittled this time they actually ran with it and the one time he got hit by something, it wasn't while he was trying to do something important. Him DJing in "She's All Yak" was great, it was a nice touch. But then came "Sweet and Smoky" which decided to bring back the Spike abuse, and the only thing Spike did that was helpful, was something anyone should've figured out themselves. The next time he got any kind of speaking role was in "Between Dark and Dawn" where he was just there for most of it, barely acknowledged. And "Rainbow Roadtrip" decided to just discard him after a quick little cameo at the start for no real reason. He was in the movie, he got to do stuff in the movie. If not for those instances, he'd most definitely be on top.

2. Pinkie Pie
Why she moved up: After Season 8 gave us "Yakity Sax" which caused Pinkie to be dethroned for the first time on the list, it was a slow but steady climb for her to get back to the top. She's almost there now, but not having a focus episode at all for the first half of the season has definitely hindered her (though considering the inconsistency of her recent focus episodes that may actually be a good thing). I didn't exactly like how they tried to go for a quick laugh when she saw the brainwashed Cakes in "The Beginning of the End", if there was ever a time for seriousness that would be it. I also found it a little jarring that the whole group was looking to Pinkie to lift their spirits by saying something funny, because I think she's been pretty serious in most of their world threatening situations. However, she didn't have anything really bad, she was mostly just good at shining without being in the spotlight, though her plot in "Sparkle's Seven" definitely felt the most out there. It's more understandable here, it's what Andrea Libman wanted, and Haber and Dubac integrated it as best they could, but it barely had any affect on the plot. I did originally have her in third place and Spike in second, but "Rainbow Roadtrip" showed how Pinkie can work as a source of inspiration and cheer for others. It gave her a chance to show off her better aspects, show a side of her besides just being random and hyperactive. It's possible that she may climb back up and reclaim the crown next time around, especially since she's already got what may be her last focus episode. But we'll see where it goes, they could still screw it up in the second half for her like how "Yakity Sax" didn't come out until the second half of Season 8, and from there Pinkie just couldn't recover.

1. Rainbow Dash
Why she stayed the same: Once again, Rainbow Dash holds the top spot, and that's really saying something when I used to consider her the weakest member of the mane six. She has definitely come a long way and matured. Yes, she can still be a bit rash and impulsive, and a little self-centered, but many episodes have shown that when it matters most she can focus and do the right thing. Interestingly, she didn't mention Scootaloo at all in "The Beginning of the End" which led some fans to speculate her bond with Scootaloo was still damaged after "The Washouts" but "The Last Crusade" seems to have dispelled such speculation. It was also nice that even though "The Last Crusade" was Scootaloo's episode, Rainbow Dash was not the central focus like she'd been for every other one. "Common Ground" gave Rainbow Dash a chance to show her coaching side, and it cropped up again in "Rainbow Roadtrip" where she saw a chance not to stroke her own ego but to help pass her knowledge on to others. This is the kind of Rainbow Dash we need to see more of. Pretty much the only thing that really could make her character more whole, is doing more with her Wonderbolts career. I really wish they had devoted time in "Sparkle's Seven" to that instead of Rainbow having to distract Zephyr Breeze (Ashliegh didn't specify why Rainbow would dress up, but I guess it was just easier to use Zephyr Breeze).

And there you have it.

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Here's my ranking:

  1. Starlight
  2. Rainbow Dash
  3. Twilight Sparkle
  4. Pinkie Pie
  5. Fluttershy
  6. Spike
  7. Applejack
  8. Rarity
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