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Valiant Charge

Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. The true question is not why we fight but rather "What is worth fighting for?"

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  • Sunday
    I'm alive

    Hi guys, sorry for the delay but after the storm hit a LOT of utilities down and we're slowly going back to our normal routine here on the island. Rest assured, I will get back to my projects when I can but for now, I need to take this time to recover and get my home back in order.

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  • 1 week
    Typhoon Approaching!!

    Typhoon Mawar is heading straight to Guam! that means I'll be out of power and water for an unknown amount of time but rest assured my family and I have taken all necessary precautions. Hope to check back soon!

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  • 18 weeks
    Introducing Sir Marshall

    Knight of The Moon, Lord Reagent of Equestria and husband to Celestia, Luna and Raven Inkwell

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  • 32 weeks
    Oh look, he's using his Batman voice!

    Hitch went a wee bit overboard here. Then again, what parent doesn't go berserk when their kid goes missing?

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  • 37 weeks
    Never forget

    Twenty-one years ago, 3000 lives were lost in an act of terrorism that shook the entire world. While the ones responsible for this tragedy have been brought to justice, let us not forget to remember those who lost their lives that day and send our condolences to those who still struggle to move on from this great tragedy.

    Never forget 9/11

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Halfway there · 3:07am Jun 24th, 2019

I just need at least 500 more words to finish my next GoT chapter but i've hit a snag what with my family preparing to go to disney and fishing season coming up. If anyone's available, please gimme a hand.

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What ever you do...do not make same mistake as people do to make a of the GOT last season please:fluttershysad: it included that long night battle.

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