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Spike's Younger Siblings WARNING, SPOILERS · 9:15pm May 25th

So, in this story, Spike will eventually be able to turn into his Yo-Kai form, which is heavily based off Beelzemon. In the sequel, when he realizes how selfish he's been, only fighting for himself, he turns into his Awoken form, which is based off Beelzemon Blast Mode. I want to have a scene similar to when Ai and Mako wished Impmon luck as he left to help the Tamers, and I'm thinking of giving Spike two younger siblings, both of which are 3 year old's, twins to be precise. Yes, they're half Yo-Kai too, but they know very little about Yo-Kai, other than the fact that their father is one, and that they, along with Spike are half Yo-Kai. I'm trying to think of names and designs for the two siblings, and I've got some ideas, and I want to hear what you guys thing

Little Brother



Design 1
His left eye will be ocean blue, and his right eye will be mossy green, and if I use this design, his twin sister's eyes will be reverse colors, regardless of the rest of her design. He has short wavy black hair and wears a navy blue shirt with light brown khakis.

Design 2
His eyes will be a golden amber color with a small scar on his right cheek. He'll have spiky burnt red hair, with a black and white striped polo, and army camo cargo shorts.

Design 3
His eyes will be a lavender color, he'll have dark green hair and will wear a Spike purple shirt with Spike green sweatpants.

Little Sister



Design 1
Her eyes will be dark brown, and her hair will be lavender tied up in a ponytail with a green ribbon in a bow. She'll wear a pastel pink sundress and a turquoise straw hat.

Design 2
Her eyes will be an icy blue, with Ember blue hair that's tied up in a Japanese pigtail. Her shirt will be Smolder orange and she'll have a pink and black plaid skirt

Design 3
Her eyes will be a Smolder orange color with black hair that goes down to her shoulders, with a steampunk headband. She'll be wearing a Pinkie Pie pink shirt with blue skinny jeans.

Tell me which design and name you like best for both siblings, or if you have your own ideas.

Here's how the scene would play out if you want to see it, but if not, don't look
As Spike starts running towards where he knows the fight will be, his siblings stop him. His brother gives him is favorite toy gun and says "It's just like the ones you use in your Yo-Kai form, I know it'll help!" and his sister hugs his leg saying, "We love you Spike, and we always will, no matter what." Spike gets embarrassed and says, "Stop with the sappy talk... but, I love you too." before running off again. As he's running, he says to himself, "Who am I kidding, promising to be back!? A 13 year old runt with a toy gun, I'm gonna get squashed like a bug! But still, I gotta help my friends!" before turning into his Yo-Kai form. The toy gun that his brother gave him turns into an arm-mounted cannon with a bayonet on it, as he says, "You know little bro, this might come in handier than you think!" before growing his wings and as he takes off he says, "I've never felt this kind of power before... And this time, I'm fighting for somebody other than myself, I'm fighting for what's right!"

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