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    Lack of Tact

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The Blog Pertaining to Many Updates (For Tact, shut up) · 2:33am Apr 29th, 2019

Hello folks! So, okay, just gonna get right on out with it.

What the fuck is wrong with all of you? I wrote "Take Me to Your Liter" under the influence and you like it? What in the shit, guys. Nah, I'm kidding about there being something wrong with you. Not about the intoxication tidbit lmfao. It's always weird how you guys like the shit I write while I'm sick/drunk/tired, but when it comes to shit I wanna write, you—nevermind, I'm not gonna go there. That's a deep fuckin' rabbit hole. Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh, right, yeah. Second chapter is in progress, using "WordPad" so it doesn't tell me over and over again: "Hey, you typo'd lol." Coming along nicely, I'd like to think.

You'll all be the judge of that, I suppose.

Second bit of an update: So, I've read, ah... several? "The Gamer" fics now and it's definitely an interesting, albeit hella convoluted concept. I'm thinking about taking on my own variation of the idea. Don't know if there are rules to this particular end, but I wanna try it anyway. Knowing me, it'll be one of two things: A.) Shit or B.) What-the-fuck. Obviously, it won't feature Anon sadly. So me thinks I'm going to be using a character from the show... one in particular I'm positive no one's used. That's right, I'm talking about [REDACTED].

Shit, this blog doesn't even want me spoiling who it is.

Third and final bit of news solely for this blog, anyhow, this one's kinda of a doozy. A story long-since dead has come under my attention again. One I'd almost entirely forgot about until yesterday, "It's High Moon." That, ah, that particular trash-heap garnered my attention once more. So, I've decided, fuck it, I'm gonna be working on this bitch hard. Every chapter so far, excluding that shitty-ass Christmas parody, will be rewritten to the best of my abilities. Gonna take it serious here-out.

As serious as Tact can be, anyway. Hey! I can be serious if I want to. Shit, it's like you guys think I'm just a 24/7 shitposter—you'd be right, of course, but I can cut that down a little.

Oh, sorta lied, apparently. Fourth and final final update: "Equine Isolation" is no longer under an unpublished hiatus. As with "It's High Moon," everything written down (and sadly not shown to the public eye, just yet) is being reworked so I believe it's worthy of anyone's attention outside my own. I really hope you guys enjoy it, because it's been my longest project yet, behind the scenes.

Well, ah, that's that for, er... that. Hope to see you around sometime!


Lack of Tact

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Comments ( 2 )

You might also want to read the original “The Gamer” manga to get a better idea on how to do the fanfic. I’ve read it and it’s a good read.


Speaking of rabbit holes.
Is that the one on Webtoons? Because that is a lot of pages :rainbowlaugh:

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