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Canterlot's donut making, coffee slinging nox pony, amongst other OCs. As well as writing the occasional, he proofreads and edits them as Gavin the griffon and calls the STL area home.

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    Any icon makers out there?

    I'm looking for a new icon, but not form my OC, but for one of the programs on my computer. I'm running the Inverse-Blue icon set on my computer, and really hate the icon for Palemoon. Since I'm asking here, I bet y'all can guess what I want as a replacement, but for those who can't, I want an icon of the Mare in the Moon. So, anyone up for that? I'm happy to pay for it.

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    Reviews rolling out

    Over on my Hopeling blog, starting with a list of new additions to my tracking bookshelf.

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    Tweak to the reviews

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    Bug Reports

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    Soooo, apparently starting tomorrow we're in lockdown... quarantine... Sorry, shelter in place. Still trying to figure out the point of the order, considering that the list of things you're still allowed to do are go to the grocery store, pharmacy, get food, access essential services and work. Ummm, so basically the same things I've been allowed to do until today, right?

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Season 9 Premier [potential spoilers] · 3:16pm Apr 7th, 2019

Ok, potential mild spoilers, but only ifn you haven't seen the trailers.

So, been a long time since I wrote one of these. So, let's talk about the season premier, the Beginning of the End...

Grogar, awesome villain, awesome design, also interesting history, is it me, or was there inklings of a possible origin story for the sisters in there? Grogar was defeated according to him, long before Celestia and Luna existed, and whoever defeated him existed before them and might be responsible for them.
We get an origin for the tree of Harmony, and it gets destroyed... maybe. I mean it did sprout a castle, and maybe a school, so, what are those, it's children, an extension of it, or...?
Sombra gets defeated, duh, there was no doubt about that, was there?
Cozy Glow is not really all that impressive in this episode, which is disappointing. Sure, Tirek was manipulating her to a degree last season, but most of the evil came from her, and the evil seems to have been turned down a lot.

Over all it's a good episode, aside from them needing to be reminded that they don't need the Elements, something they apparently forgot since the Tirek battle, it was a generally flawless episode that didn't re-tread anything we've seen before, and also expanded the mythology a bit. Can't wait to see what they do the rest of the season.

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