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FiM Ending after Season 9 thoughts · 12:25am Feb 17th, 2019

Hey everyone,

We've all heard the sad news that we've all been expecting: Season 9 will be the final season of Friendship is Magic.

And while I am trying to be positive about it, I can't help but be....nearly devastated in a way.

A lot of people have said countless times before how FiM has changed their life for the better. I'm no exception, but it has been such an incredibly huge part of my life that it feels like losing a beloved family member. I've grown with these characters so much that they all feel like family, even some of the side characters feel like close friends at times. So I am taking it a bit hard, no matter how silly that sounds.

FiM has done a lot for me. It has brought me some of the greatest friends I have ever known, opened me up to experiences I never would have had otherwise, helped me through some of the darkest depressive and anxiety fueled moments of my life, and even prevented me from taking my own life once. To say that I have a deep respect and love for this show is an understatement. It's such a huge part of my life that it is soul crushing to see it go.

However, I know that this fandom isn't going to die anytime soon. People have been saying we've been dying for years, but every day we continue to amaze ourselves. Incredible animations, amazing songs, beautiful art and some of the best stories ever written. It is insane how active the community is even this late into the shows life. I know I will be here, writing what I can when I can to...in a way....continue to watch this sense of family I share with these characters grown and blossom in new ways. I've been around since the peaks of the Golden Age and i'm not going to run anytime soon.

So seeing them go is terrible, but knowing that they were here is a strange comfort. Even writing this out I have a huge smile on my face while i'm bawling. It makes me sound so damn silly that I'm getting this emotional over a show never meant for me, but at the end of the day FiM has become more than just a show. It's a life experience I wouldn't trade for the world.

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FIM is ending, and that sucks, but they haven't revealed anything else yet, maybe Oir G4 friends will stay for a while after before we hop over to the next Generation, and even then, we should all, in my opinion atleast, give whatever G5 brings, a chance...

I will be giving it a shot, but knowing the DHX team isn't going to be involved and are passing the torch is a bit of a red flag. I'm setting my hopes low in case they surprise me

The new animation company has worked on good shows including Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. They also did a few of the Equestria Girls specials, so they aren't even new to MLP.
Any way I will give it the same chance I give every other cartoon I watch. Don't watch it expecting it to be bad or your brain will complain about things you overlooked in G4. And don't over-hype it or it'll disappoint you if it's not ultra-amazing. Just treat it like any new show you'd try.

And if you don't like it, keep writing G4 fanfiction! I know I will even if I love it.

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