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She/Her (Trans). Occasional Writer, Storm Chaser, SFM Artist and Former Special Events Staff at Ponyville Ciderfest. PFP by LincolnBrewsterFan.

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Sweet Bun is a lot of things. A baker for royalty, a former member of the Night Guard, a Countess in title and a friend to the Sisters she loves with all her heart.

War changes things quickly. Soon she finds herself locked in conflict between the Sisters, with death and despair an almost certainty as animosity builds underneath the ancient flags of the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic. Survival means sacrifice, betrayal, and suffering. In the end, what else is worth striving for but to see harmony reign again.

This is the story of that horrid war, told through the pages of her diary.

This is a dramatic retelling of the 2023 Derpibooru April Fool's Event and part of a collaborative effort of several people to chronicle the events through the eyes of the characters we played along faction lines. Stories of the friends we made, the rivals we respected, and the inevitable push for unity. This is not meant to be an exact retelling of the events, but generalizations and fiction built through roleplay, art, expanding backstories and fun.

Cover Art: ☬ ᏝᏆᏁᏨᎾᏝᏁᏰᏒᎬᎳᏕᎿᎬᏒᎱᎯᏁ ☬ on Derpibooru

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Sunset's journal.

Her living record of her life through high school and beyond. Her ups, her downs, her triumphs and her regrets, left to her in snippets.

On one stormy winter day, Sunset sits around her home and reflects on her life gone by through the pages of the tome of her life.

Yet somethings seems off, no matter how much she reads of her life.

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Fluttershy hates life. A loveless marriage, an overbearing family, and a town that views her as nothing more than a freak. She longs for more than just the walls of the town, but stories of horrors and abominations of nature keep the town locked inside. A fear even Fluttershy cannot shake.

But after a late night encounter with a strange woman, her view of the world shatters and she comes to learn that not all things that go bump in the night are as terrifying as the stories say.

A romance loosely based on "Howling at the Moon" by Aviators.
Rated Teen for Violence, Minor Gore (Blood) Profanity, Mentions of Sex and Sexual Situations (No Actual Sex) and Death.

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Vinyl Scratch is a DJ
Vinyl Scratch is an Alcoholic
Vinyl Scratch has a nagging mare friend
Vinyl Scratch does a bit of drugs
Vinyl Scratch constantly loses limbs
Vinyl Scratch has to survive on pony brains
Vinyl Scratch has to hide the smell of rotting flesh
Vinyl Scratch left her phone at home.

What? Being a zombie isn't THAT big of an issue is it?

(Rated Teen for Mild Gore, Language, Sexual References, Alcohol and Drug Use, and Ponies)

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The world as we know it will end in six hours.

There is no more hope. There is no more doubt. There is no more time.

Every pony knows this day was coming. Some chose to spend their last few hours drinking away their sorrows, some chose to get around to the things they never finished, and some chose to go out on their own terms. The rest chose to spend their final moments in the company of those they cherished most.

How would you spend your final hours?

Now with a YouTube reading!
Prologue: Night of the Final Day Reading
Chapter 1 YouTube Reading
(Rated Teen for Language, Detailing Suicide, Alcohol Consumption, and Dark Themes)

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No one in Equestria knows that happened to the original Crystal Princess after the fall of the Empire. No word in any text book. No historical documents. Nothing except the drawings and tales in a book.

No one except the princess herself, and she’s still alive.

Where is she now? Wandering the countryside, a shell of her former self. A great mare reduced to nothing but a failed leader, trying to remember who she once was. Where it all went wrong. Who she truly is.

Her name was Crystalline.

Her name is Chrysalis.

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Ugin the Spirit Dragon has been banished from his home at the claws of Nicol Bolas. Now, alongside the former Dragon Lords of Tarkir, he must adapt to a new form and a new home. But as Bolas' power grows and his eyes become set on his next target, the former Dragons of Tarkir must protect their new home plane of Equestria from him and his council of elder dragons. Good things they aren't alone...

....six little ponies are here to help.

Co-written by Mkchief34

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The internet has become common in Equestria, and even Twilight Sparkle has caught the networking bug.

She even finds an artificial intelligence named Evie to hold an intelligent conversation with, or at least she thought she could. Can Twilight keep a level head when talking to the most enraging computer in the world.


(Just a simple one shot that I had in mind after playing around with Existor Evie for a while. All Evie dialogue was straight from Evie herself.)

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Scootaloo knows Rainbow Dash is gone. She was there at the funeral, she carried the casket, and she put the rose on her grave. A horrible nightmare.

Scootaloo knows Rainbow Dash is alive. She was just with her flying, spending the whole day with her idol, and loving every moment of it. A dream come true.

Scootaloo knows that she is dreaming. She knows that the dream isn't real. The hardest thing to tell is...which is really the dream?

A story of internal conflict based on the song Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.


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It has been 12 years since Tirek was defeated, and all of my friends have gone their separate ways. Applejack still runs Sweet Apple Acres, although now she runs it alone. Rarity now lives in Manehattan and owns one of the most prestigious boutiques in Equestria. Pinkie has roamed the land with Cheese Sandwich spreading their knowledge of partying to all of the world. Twilight is still lives in her palace in Ponyville, but rarely ever leaves.

Fluttershy died a few years ago.

I've even moved on with my life and joined the Wonderbolts after all this time. Life is going great... or at least so I thought.

There is a new evil threatening the land, and it is our job to stop it.

But this is an evil that even we could never have expected. This is an evil I could never hope to defeat.

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