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The End (Spoilers) · 3:37am Oct 13th, 2019

(Sorry for many typos, I will edit soon. I'm currently still a blubbering, crying mess :raritycry: )
9 years and 2 days ago, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired it's first episode.

Almost two years later a severely depressed kid who had just moved to a town he didn't know months earlier with nothing but the clothes on his back and a few personal items is talked into watching the first episode. Within a week he makes his FimFiction account on Aug 4, 2012.

Now over 7 years later we are at the end of the series and I am grateful for everything this show has been. It has been a journey I would never trade for anything in the world, brought me to a community that I would have never discovered otherwise, helped me make friends that I would have never made otherwise, and kept me from killing myself in my darkest time.

In the years I have watched this show I have developed an almost family like attachment to the characters. I feel like whenever I face some kind of problem in my day to day life I can go watch an episode of Pony and it feels like I'm having a conversation with a family member teaching me a way of effectively dealing with the problem or giving me the skills to overcome it myself. It's almost like a second childhood, and that's part of why I think it's so hard to let it go.

The Finale (Ep. 24 and 25) were fine episode and really show the culmination of everything in the series coming to a point. Could it have been more, anyone could argue yes, but I was amazingly satisfied and it easily moved into my Top 3 Finales for the series.

Episode 26, the Epilogue....

This was the most heartwarming, the sweetest, the hardest to watch, and the single episode with the most impact on my life in the entire series.

(Spoilers, kinda)

At the beginning of the series... I was Twilight, an introvert who not only didn't like making friends for my own reasons, but struggled immensely with it for various reasons. Ponies made me come out of my shell. Some days a time went on I found myself reflecting the ponies in myself and my other friends. Maybe one day I was Fluttershy, too afraid to attend a party Pinkie had planned just for me out of fear of interaction, and the next I was Applejack, arguing and bickering with Rainbow Dash over something we both realized was later trivial. On rare days I found myself even channeling Rarity, taking bold moves and daring risks, regardless of the possible payoffs and in spite of what others may think for the sake of my own passions. Maybe that's why I take to Rarity the most. I started this journey as a Twilight and I strive to be a Rarity on any given day. I'm not quite there yet, but I try.

Now at the end of the series I find myself in situations where as much as I would like to have time to do all the things I would like with my friends, to help them in all of their struggles, to be there for them at their every waking moment, and to help them be the best they can be...I can't. They can't always be there for me either. Family is the same. Ponies are the same. We all have our own lives, our jobs, our passions, our futures, and our own paths. We have a journey set ahead for us all and it doesn't always go the same way. The Epilogue said it doesn't matter that life takes us on our own paths, that life make push us in all different directions, as long as we hold onto the memories and keep them alive within ourselves, true friendships never really fade away. It's a powerful message. It's one that is hard for me to accept. I've had major abandonment issues and anxiety issues. I'm terrified to be alone and that fear is always there. Now that I've had such a strong social life for the last few years I'm so scared that I'll lose it even if it's radio silence for days at a time. It's all irrational, I know it is. It's all part of mental health, but It's very fitting and made me very happy that the very last episode of my favorite show of all time, the one that saved my life and made me better as a human being in every possible way, left me with the mot meaningful message I have ever received in my life:

It is alright to be alone, because your friends will always be with you.

So to all the wonderful animators, writers, editors, assistants, story-boarders, directors, producers, voice actors, sound designers, composer, every little person that made this show possible. Thank you. From the absolute bottom of my heart. Thank you.

To all of you, who have stuck with me and my dumb writing and terrible writing habits/schedule so long. Thank you. I hope you look forward to more to come in the future from me!

And as stupid as it may seem:

To Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. Thank you. See you all soon.

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One hell of a ride for all involved that's for sure.

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