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On how much I've actually accomplished... · 8:31am Nov 6th, 2012

So I was just curious tonight and decided to see, as far as page count goes, just how much I've written... Well it was actually a little surprising.

Thus far: Study Buddies itself sits within the range of 150 to 180 pages in length... I've recently read books shorter than that.
Grimoire is about the same, only a tiny bit longer (the page length depends entirely on how much dialogue is in them vs. summary paragraph)
My one-shots are only between 15 and 22 pages or so, but altogether on this site over the 54 weeks I've been online I've written somewhere between 315 and 382 pages of stories that I was more or less proud enough of to publish and share with you all.

I don't expect anybody to actually care about any of this, it was just something interesting I found out as a child of boredom. Personally I'd be interested to see how much any of the more established and popular authors on this site have written over their careers (this was extremely informal by the way, I copy and pasted a single chapter and found out that 10,000 words or so leads into a little over 17 pages, so I just pulled a range out of my ass that I think would encompass the margin for change and did these rudimentary calculations)

So yeah... That's an average of around 6 pages of writing per week, so one a day with sundays off or somethin' like that. Not that I like this hobby or anything like that.

Maybe if I got to writing a novel or something I'd be gettin' paid by now x3 or frustrated with the amount of rejections I've gotten (probably the latter)

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Honestly, i do find that kind of cool. When i attempt to write i don't get past 3 pages :P

Sammy if you were to right novels you'd probably get rejected a few times but then that last place you'd go to will publish you.

I love you. Please don't leave us. Write novels, but don't forget about us little people.

But what if i feed off useless information?

479623 That's why I keep posting it :rainbowlaugh:
479203 Oh believe me I know :pinkiecrazy: I've had a few inside looks at the publishing industry and it's more than just a little hostile.
479255 If I ever do write a novel I'll probably self-advertise it into the ground from here :rainbowwild: you won't have to worry about me forgetting; hell you all are the only ones that know about me anyhow x3 you'd be the first I come to to get publicity

479680 And that is why I love you. Also, your ability to write D'aww inducing moments. I can't write cute, the best I can do is sensual, and that's not always required. I'm trying to write a somewhat bittersweet fic atm. Not sure how it'll pan out, but I got the idea after watching a video about Days of the Dead.

... Did you know that Cuteceañera is derived from the Hispanic word Quinceañera? It literally means "becoming 15."

That also means that the CMC are possibly older than 8 or 12, like a lot of bronies theorize, or the receiving of one's cutie mark does not factor in the age of the pony.

479717 I did know that (I've actually been to a few of them, they're a ton of fun), and no actually it doesn't mean they're older than that x3 they replaced the word that translates age with a portmanteau of the landmark point in their life where they get their cutie mark, which in this case is still in grade school. That said, those kinds of landmark things are entirely culturally dependent: in the united states we have Sweet 16's instead of Quinceneras, and also just to throw off your game a little bit: In Mexico the legal age of consent is 12 years old. So yeah. The age isn't relevant to the landmark even though they bastardized a word that uses an arbitrary age for the landmark :rainbowlaugh:

Rant over.

479726 What rant? Also, I did say that it possibly had no bearing on age. :unsuresweetie:

But, yeah. You ever write something bittersweet? Or, you know, on the sad side? I'm not able to write emotions very well unless I'm currently experiencing those emotions. Well, except for anger that's something I am, sadly, rather intimate with. I was an angry child. Thank the good doctor for finally taking me off my pills. Haven't been in a fight since, and also I'm saving our family 3 000 dollars a month! :yay:

480153 I don't particularly like bitter sweet, though I've done a few short stories that have been lost to time about a slow descent into suicide (I myself was a very depressed child x3), if that counts. Otherwise I prefer to stay far away from emotions that have a kind of lingering dull impact. I like the sharp ones like jealousy, passion (as both hatred and love) and crushing grief. Bittersweet moments are a little on the disappointing side, but I think maybe once I settle down in my writing styles I'll get more appreciative of it.

Dude that is actually kinda cool! :twilightsmile:

And wow you write alot, but hey that's just part of what makes you awesome. :pinkiehappy:

481027 I'm gonna PM you my idea, and you can tell me if it's really worth my time. I keep piling up more and more work on myself, and it's not getting done any faster.

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