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    The end of the Crystal Ball trilogy

    I genuinely can't say enough about this series. I say series referring to the trilogy and Reflections as one. It is my favorite series that I have found so far and, unfortunately in my eyes, it is finally over. I finally read the final chapter that was posted.

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  • 31 weeks
    A Letter Short is up and the backstory

    I have a new story up. It is the first of two stories from Bronycon 2019. It is called A Letter Short. The idea for the story came to me while sitting in Q&S and a typewriter broke. Well, not when it broke. It broke and then I went to a panel. It was when I returned and sitting next to it that what was said about it when it was being put to the side ran through my head. Specifically the

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    Bronycon part II: Bronycon and me

    "But wait. You just posted a blog about Bronycon."

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    Bronycon 2019 and an update to Windup's story

    It was a great experience. That said most of my time was spent going to different panels and events that were taking place. As a result, I didn't get to talk to as many people as I would have liked. For example, I never got to see Somber, Scampy, Bookplayer or Heartshine to name just a few. Trust me the list was a lot longer than that. Whom I did get to talk to I really enjoyed the conversations

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  • 60 weeks

    Before I say anything let me preface this with a statement warning that this blog will talk about depression and suicide. If that is something your either uncomfortable about or cant handle this is the point that you should stop reading and move on.

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Tomorrow my first chapter, if all goes well · 4:48am Dec 28th, 2018

So the first chapter of my first story is ready to go up. However I want to go over it one final time before I push the publish button. Unfortunately that means waiting until tomorrow as I don't have time to go over it before I have to go to my night job. That said I know I read in a guide that writing such stories it is a good idea to write multiple chapters off of the bat however with this one having a holiday theme to go with it I wanted to get it up alone.

So what to expect? Well some world building and Windup tells a Hearth's Warming story from a unique Kirin perspective. Also its a short story being, as of now, only 2,575 words long. So tomorrow, if all goes well, please set aside some time, or some time during the weekend if you can't tomorrow, for the first chapter of Windup's Stories of the Wasteland called "Hearth's Warming in the Wasteland." I hope you enjoy.

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