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    Hey guys.

    As the title suggests I'm still alive, lol.

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    Flew back home from Charlotte today. All was well, security was kinda wacky. My bag had to go through the scanner twice, my grandma's bag was picked apart and searched for ten minutes. Airport was also unreasonably warm.

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Slow times ahead, but hope for the future · 4:39pm Dec 12th, 2018

Hey guys, quick update.

With Christmas right around the corner (still having trouble accepting the fact that it is now less than two weeks away), work has been keeping me plenty busy for the time being. No progress has been made on chapter 14 of A Sailor's Notes (apart from the small bit that was copied and pasted from the previous chapter, when it was originally meant to be a part of it) and, with what I am hoping to cover in this chapter, definitely will not be done by Christmas, or New Years for that matter. Motivation has still been pretty low for me to write as of late, however I am hoping to change that in the coming weeks.

I've been wanting to start a small Hearth's Warming story that is a sequel to A Sailor's Notes, as well, titled A Sailor's Gift, but realistically it would have been best if I got started on it last month rather than this month. Alas, things happen, and I will still make an effort to at least get started on it.

As far as my work situation goes, I plan on leaving my current job either after Christmas or New Years (depending on how long it takes for them to decide to hold on to certain seasonal staff) whether or not they decide to keep me. As much as I would like a job through January, this one I have now has been taking a rather unexpected toll of stress on me and I feel like I could use a break for sure (that, and I will have absolutely no chance at finding something new in January).

So, if this does in fact go through, I will almost definitely have a whole month to focus more on writing and knocking out these last few chapters of A Sailor's Notes, possibly getting started on A Sailor's Gift, and maybe picking up where I left off on Deceitful Royalty. All in all, it is partially my fault as to why I do not write as much as I would like to, and that is because I spend upwards of three hours sitting on my ass staring at my computer screen before jumping on one of my games with friends for hours more. And so, I will begin making efforts to at least take one hour out of my day to try and write, even if it's just a few sentences.

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ok man glad things are going ok at least *bearhugs*

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