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Exams and Last-Minute Essays | When You Don't Need Fimfiction · 7:20pm Dec 4th, 2018

Title says it all, really. I discovered only yesterday, less than twenty-four hours before the deadline, that I had a 2,500-word, worth-60%-of-the-course-mark essay due by 4 PM today. It was all about stuff I hadn't even got a solid grasp on as well (still don't), but I sat down, blitzed out a plan, tried to go through it in one night, failed, slept, got up early, sat down again, stayed glued to my chair for about seven hours and churned out something that sounded alright in itself (but perhaps not relevant enough to the 'question', which was a declarative sentence). I don't know how I didn't notice this was due when it was, but I didn't. It was actually damn lucky I did notice full stop. To top it off, I've exams in five days' time, so thank god I blasted this horrible obstacle out of the way (even though I might have charted myself a literal crash course).

And the exams themselves will be tough. I was writing/reading stories here just last week, when I should most likely have been several metaphorical miles away from this site and everything in it.

Ah well. Moral of the story is pony prevails, whatever the circumstances. And that you should remember this and subsequently double your efforts lest their devious wiles entice you into something far removed from whatever it is you're supposed to be doing.

Come 15 December, I'll be writing again. Mini Mysteries and a little one-shot for a writing contest. Until then?

Acologic out (revising).

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Well, hope it goes well, and I know how it feels. . . experiencing it now. . . even as I right this. . . happy trails!

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