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My Thoughts On Deltarune · 3:18pm Nov 24th, 2018

So, I finally got around to playing Deltarune, the long-awaited sequel(ish) of Undertale.

My first question when I started: Will this game live up to Undertale?

So, did it live up to its predecessor?


I loved this game, with only a few things I felt kind of iffy about. So, I figured I'd make a list of each, and include why the iffy stuff was okay.

Possible spoilers ahead! The game is out, and it is completely free, so if you like Undertale, go play it!

Things I Loved:

  1. New characters: Aside from Kris, Susie and Ralsei each have unique personalities, ones that are reflected in their fighting style. Lancer was also a pretty fun character. It was good to see the game avoiding the, "Well, it's only good because people like the first one/one's characters" trap.
  2. Old characters: But it was still nice to see some familiar faces in the Hometown epilogue, even if things are different.
  3. Actual party mechanics: Do I have to say why this makes me happy? It's an upgrade from Undertale. Never thought I'd say that.
  4. Upgraded battle system: Along with FIGHTing, ACTing, and SPAREing, we have some new actions. DEFENDing helps you take less damage and gain TP, which can be used on magic by Ralsei or Susie.
  5. Dodging in the Overworld: There were places where you had to dodge projectiles in the overworld, similar to Undyne's spears. But instead to taking you to a battle screen and then getting hurt, being hit by a projectile just hurts you.
  6. Improved graphics: They look nice than Undertale, much smoother.
  7. You can actually run: self-explanatory. Couldnt run in Undertale, can in Deltarune.
  8. Great Music: as always.
  9. The Humor: I laughed out loud a LOT during this game. Some of my favorite moments include Susie "complimenting" the enemies, and interactions with Rouxls Kaard.
  10. Susie: I liked Susie. I enjoyed her character development, and her growing friendship with Lancer was sweet. She certainly took the Reluctant Hero trope up to eleven.

There were lots of other little things I liked, but I just made a small list. I mostly just compared Deltarune to Undertale. But, again, there are some things I was iffy on.

  1. The length: This is a short game, probably between three and five hours, depending on how much you do. But, of course, it is only Chapter One of the game, so it's understandable.
  2. Questions arisen: Very, very many. What's with the ending? What made this universe different than Undertale? Who is the Voice? Again, first chapter, so these could be answered later, so it's cool.
  3. The railroading: There is one ending, and the game repeatedly tells you your choices don't matter. The only big effect your choice is between Pacifist and Genocide is how the fight with the final boss ends. This is probably the thing I dislike the most, but I'm hoping to see Toby do something good with this kind of "choices don't matter" premise.

So, the tally: 10+ loved things, 2 iffy things, and 1 disliked thing. So Deltarune is on top, and a pretty successful sequel.

Again, if you haven't played this, go play it! Again, it's online, it's free, and you'd want to look at it before it's spoiled for you, wouldn't you?

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