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Tonic Water Is Good for EqD | Writing Updates · 11:29pm Oct 29th, 2018

Well, I can't believe it sneaked its way in, but it did, and I'm buzzing, as they say.

Earlier on in the year, I decided to commit myself to a quick-pace writing project, came up with the oddest little plot I could at the time and just rolled with it to see where things would go, challenging myself to write and post daily a short, between-500-and-1000-word chapter. And the result was Celestia of Equestria's tonic experiment, about which I talked briefly in a blog post somewhere.

And now, half-a-year later, after submitting the story to EqD on the off chance something good would happen, something good has happened in that I'm a very happy bunny indeed. I'm very glad my work is considered good enough to make it onto a site I've used and hoped to get featured on for years. Any words from me on this story? Not really. I'd say go check out its synopsis, which gives you mostly what to expect in terms of tone and weirdness. Novelty and the unorthodox, a phrase I coined myself in another story – I pretty much went with that, and it's paid off. So, read it if you want to; it's definitely got something going for it, even if it's hard to say exactly what.

Right, self-congratulatory paragraphs over and done with. Now on to the updates.

I spoke about this next story (On and off the Pitch) in the same blog post I referred to above, I'm pretty sure, promising it would be done and dusted fairly soon. That was ages ago, and it's still not finished. The reason being I don't want to rush it. It's considerably more substantial in terms of plot and significance (being a comedy-drama the writing of which I've taken pretty seriously), and I want to do what I think is going to be my best story so far justice. I'm editing/redrafting it at the moment, and although its first half is sorted, the second has quite a way to go.

But it is going to come out. I commissioned some wonderful cover art from Mix-up, who I highly recommend. He's a high-quality artist who'll give you exactly what you describe, keeping you updated throughout the process and listening to your comments and suggestions wherever necessary, and all for a good, affordable price. So, I've invested in this not only my time and sweat but that of someone else plus my own money to boot. You best believe it's coming out! And I'll make that post about it when it does.

In other news – well, it's those essays, isn't it. Those 'MY SON LIKES WATCHING PINK HORSES' things, which I will keep working with. It's just they won't be coming out very frequently, and if anyone's been reading them, this little update is for you.

Besides that, not much, really. I'm studying at uni, so that slows up the whole operation. But I'm going to keep writing here for sure, and whoever follows me or looks at my stuff, I hope you keep doing those things because it gives everything I do here a purpose. It's nice to write for people and not just into an empty vacuum of Internet nothingness. So, if you're reading my lists, reading my articles, reading my blah blah blahs, stories, whatever, I appreciate that. It takes effort, which I try to reward. So thanks. Thanks to the 20 of you who follow me and to everyone else who has read/rated/commented on my stuff. Always, always appreciated.

Acologic out.

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