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MY SON LIKES WATCHING PINK HORSES | WHY My Little Pony Is So Successful: A Countercultural Phenomenon · 5:01pm Sep 23rd, 2018

Alright. First up, it's that you won't (I hope) be getting any puffed-up paragraph overloads or sermonical overstatements. This isn't an essay, or a bunch of essays, and it's certainly not supposed to be formal or significant. I don't speak fancily. Perhaps here and there, you know, you'll get a word or two, but if you do, bear in mind it's thrown in inadvertently. I say all this because I really don't want to fake a deep, critical insight when I don't have it and wouldn't know where to get it. I'm just opinioning, tossing my tuppence out into the open and hoping some lucky wanderer picks it up and likes what he sees.

I also get bored. Why structure things painfully only to kill what little positives you would have had otherwise, namely honesty and charm? I read a study, I fall asleep. I don't want to see meticulously crafted data-dump text, or suffer endless tables pointing to this and that but ultimately leading nowhere. But when I find someone crapping out an opinion, in their own words, without worrying too much about phrasing it 'correctly' and just being plain straightforward and simple, you bet I'm going to listen. A great example of what I mean is Max Gilardi's animated commentary series Brain Dump, where the man himself says what he wants to how he wants to and provides everybody with free quality entertainment. Sure, there are nuances and intelligent points, but he makes them naturally and unpretentiously, and we can relax and enjoy and feel good about ourselves rather than straining to convince our panting minds we understand (or even look at) the content of Principia Mathematica.

So the long and short of it is I'm not going to try hard to be something I'm not, which is a highly analytical, well-spoken cultural genius boasting numerous connections to people who'd make any point of anybody's ring twenty times sweeter. This, all of it, is my opinion. And it's probably biased. And it's probably incomplete. Expect conjecture. Expect ignorance. That's how these things go.

Also, bear in mind I'm not bothered with bringing stats and data to the table. I'm going to look at a few things here and there, things I know I'd never use or reference in real life, and if I cite any of them, that's all it'll be. A passing remark. I'll say a lot of things, and a lot of those things'll probably need backing up, and I guess you'll have to trust me. I'm not dumping a bibliography on anyone, because I would never read it, so why should you? And let's face it, there won't be much to cite as is. Who gives a shit about bronies and MLP, really? It's not exactly money-making material for journalists, unless you spin us a tale or two about personal hygiene and sexual deviancy. And those articles, although potentially useful (I haven't decided yet), aren't worth the copying/pasting.

Big, disclaimer-esque intro. Check.

Perhaps now's a good time to bring in the point of all this. And heck, to tell you what 'this' is. As you may or may not know (anyone who reads this definitely knows), in October 2010 a cartoon by the name of 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' premiered on... let me just check real quick... oh yeah, the Hub. (I nearly forgot about it as well. Curse you, DF.) The Hub. Cable TV channel in the US. And at one point or another (it's very debated), a bunch of geeky teens/young adults (that's debated as well) caught hold of it, watched it, decided it was cool and started talking about it. Ironically at first, but soon they found they actually really liked what they were seeing. And then more people got in on the action after stumbling across our first guys' chatter, and then more people got in on the action after being screamed at virtually by our second guys, and then more, and more, and more until boom, there were lots of these people. These fans. Fans of this little kiddies' show.

But let's hold our horses (if you'll pardon the pun, Moses) and get back to talking about 'this'.

Basically, I want to take some sort of a focused look at not just what the fans of this show get up to in their spare time, that's been done to death already, but the nuts and bolts, the pinpointable bits and pieces that actually make up this SHOW and not its fandom. What is this show in the first place? Why do guys, yes, particularly guys, like it so much? Why this show in particular? Why is it good from an entertainment perspective, a creative perspective, a fan perspective? Why is it bad? What about it drags testosterone out of men like a hormone-deprived Jaws? (OK, that one's a bit suspect.) You get the idea though. Questions. Actual questions, not, 'Do you fap to ponies? Why are you a F A G G O T?' Actual answers, not, 'It rEAlly mAkeS mE haPpy anD ALL and I likE cuPCakEs. Look at my Rainbow Dash toy, I cut her mane today!' Because what use is that to anyone who actually wants to understand, to find something they can make sense of and appreciate? I'll tell you one thing about people, they aren't going to make shit easy for you. You want to sit down and maturely look at what evidence you can find to support a person's love for My Little Pony? Think again, because somebody somewhere is going to act obnoxiously or just plain creepily and deter you from ever thinking about it rationally ever again. I empathise with a lot of people on both sides of the divide. This goes out to both in the hope that SOMEONE will understand SOMETHING about this crazy gravy train better than they did before.

And I've chosen to call this instalment of our quickly established little group of non-essay thingies 'A Countercultural Phenomenon'. Because that's essentially what this is, or what it's become, or what people perceive it to be. (More on that later.) It's a bunch of people celebrating something that SHOULD NOT BE CELEBRATED. It's a bunch of people elevating what SHOULD NOT BE ELEVATED. It's people liking something people aren't supposed to like, and whether you like it or not, you've got to admit to yourself that's more or less all it is, on the whole. People doing something our society doesn't feel comfortable with. Big stuff. Bit big for my mind right now, I'm going to drink some cold water and cool down a tad before writing the next paragraph.

So, before I dive into the nitty-gritty, lovely jubbly little bits and bobs, let's just pause and decide what our categories are, and where things go.

First, I'm feeling


because film and television are visual mediums, and animation in particular is all about taking in what others have made for us to see.


A game-changer when it comes to exactly WHY people are into this.


Encompassing everything that makes up the tone of any story: the story itself, its characters, setting, conflict, dialogue, etc. And finally.


The significance of what it is to us and others in a broader sense and the time of its release.

Four categories. Four infinitely important categories for anyone to get into their heads if they want some help understanding. Each of our non-essayish essays will cover something, and that something will fall into at least one of these big four things. And because I'm dangerously close to losing direction entirely, on account of perhaps dragging this out too long, I'll leave it at that. No need to overcomplicate. I said I'm simple, let's keep it simple. But what I might as well do is finish the story I started and leave you with a couple thoughts in mind before our next encounter:

Ahem. The group of guys into this little kiddies' show grew. It grew, and grew, and grew, and suddenly no corner of the Internet was safe. No one could avoid knowing someone with a pink-pony profile picture or Twilight Sparkle–themed gifs plastered all over their social media pages. And as this group grew, people grew too... to ABSOLUTELY HATE anything allied with this obnoxious legion of loud and jokey anons posting ponies like biting plague fleas.

Next time!

'A Shut-in's Dream' ==> Link

Thanks for listening. (Even though we're reading, it sounds a lot better.)

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