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    Hope you enjoy the new chapter!

    That is all.

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So, Red Dead Redemption 2... · 12:11pm Oct 26th, 2018

It's been released, and it got me thinking. I know that I primarily do crossovers, but a Wild West story has been something of mine I've always wanted to develop. I've thought up of characters, a general plot, and a few things related to the story, but here's the kicker.

It'll probably be anthro. I'm not the best at writing that, but I can try.

Anyway, I'm thinking of calling it either "I'm Walking" or "Road to Salvation". Both come from the main character, Robert Thornton and his uprbringing.

Without further ado, here's the plot gist.


Robert Thornton, born 1868. Raised to have a sense of strong personal justice by his father, a Civil War Veteran, preacher, and Abolitionist. After his father's death in 1899, Robert makes tracks for the West to start anew.

However, fate has different plans for him. A case of wrong place at the right time leads Robert Thornton to his death. As he waits in the void for judgement from God, he gets an offer from a being or deity known as Faust. He may live again in a new world, and "tread the road to salvation".

Robert accepts, seeing as the alternative isn't much better.

As he exits the Everfree Forest and enters Ponyville, he enters Sugarcube Corner looking for refreshment.

And he promptly gets into a fight with a few inebriated patrons and ends up in Ponyville Jail, waiting to speak to Princess Twilight and Spike.

And that, is where the story begins...

So, as I said earlier it wil be anthro, with a few differences. Earth Ponies are strong as usual, but Pegasi have wings and Unicorns still have horns, but they use their hands for magic. It is also heavily AU, due to it focusing on more realistic villains, instead of bad guys like Tirek showing up.

I will admit, it's pretty ambitious. And I want to know what you think of it.

So...tell me. Should I go ahead with this?

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Comments ( 7 )

I'll take that into good consideration...

A thought just came to me.
Maybe this will help with your story muse problem

Go for it. Also if its in the wasteland like area how's the title west of the wasteland? Just a thought.

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