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I'm just a mare who wants to finish a story. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me!

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UPDATE: IMPORTANT!!! · 10:47pm Oct 14th, 2018

To those of you who are still around after all this time, I want to thank you for your immense amount of patience. Things have gotten crazy over on my end and life outside of Fanfiction has really been giving me a beating. But luckily, all that would change pretty soon. I have begun to see a therapist and looking for new ways to stay motivated in my creativity. I've also been looking for work and been unsuccessful so far.

This update has long been overdue and I needed to write it to let you all know what's been going on. It will be awhile before I post anything new on this site so for hereon out, everything is put under hiatus.

Again, I want to thank you all for your patience and support. It means a lot that people still enjoy my content after all this time.

Until Next Time,

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