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Jazzmania Chronicle

I'm just a mare who wants to complete a story. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me...

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It's been changed? I'm confused why.

I wasn't happy with some parts of the story but not much has changed. I hope you enjoy this newer version when future chapters come out.

I will. Maybe I might like it more.

You honestly inspired me to start my own ghost rider story, so I was ad when the chapters vanished from this story

Don't worry, they'll be back soon.:raritywink:

Who knows? Maybe we could do what we discussed awhile back. The character request?

Maybe but if I do ever add your character into the story, I might need to make some changes to him so it fits. I would give you a preview beforehand so you can give me feedback, make changes so your character can stay being your character, not some OOC.

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