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The Grand Finale (Final Blog 2/2) · 6:33pm Oct 13th, 2018

Hey everyone, it's me again. TheArquius, Alfredo, Margopolo, Pasta Person, Hype Train Conductor, Aidan, whatever you want to call me. I'm sad and slightly relieved to say that this is going to be my last blog on this website. Or kinda. I mean, I might continue with badass user of the year in December, but that's TBD. As of right now, this is my final blog on this website.

If you don't know what's happened or why I'm leaving the website, I'll put it simply for you- this account here doesn't have much of a purpose anymore. The one person that was keeping me here has left me, and thus I don't have any purpose here anymore. I mean, I could say that I want to use this follower base to promote my new stuff including animations, but then again, links to all of my social media that I'll continue to use will be in the description.

This is meant to tie up all loose ends regarding everything going on in life, and I'll leave you with some goodbye art along with some of my favorite goodbye music. Hope y'all will be satisfied with this blog.

Anyways, let me first get the breakup stuff out of the way. Fluffysam and I broke up. Right now we're on okay terms, and we've both moved on with our lives. Thank you for all of the support, but this is something that I'd prefer to forget about and not talk about from now on. (Also, it's ironic that I'm posting this today lmao. Not gonna talk about why, today was just a fitting day to end everything.)

Anyways, here's some stuff.

I think I figured out my heart situation. I recently confessed romantic feelings to a friend of mine named Diamond (she doesn't want people online to know her real name, so I won't say it). She didn't have mutual feelings for me, and that was kind of a relief. I just felt like I had to immediately get it off of my chest so that our friendship wouldn't be awkward. We're still good friends, probably better friends than we were before, so that's nice.

I'm probably gonna try to stay away from the dating scene until I graduate High School. It's hard to say and think that honestly, mostly because I feel like there's a hole that's been left in my heart from the whole dating thing, but I think that it might be the healthiest route I could go down. Who knows, maybe Diamond and I will have mutual feelings for each other in the future and I'll have a change of heart about dating. I don't know, but either way my heart will eventually be healed.

I've also gotten some insight on life and how it works. Continuing from my last blog, I guess. The one thing I've learned from everything I've been through- the drama, the depression, the love I've found, the bonds that I built and all of the friends that I've made- is the fact that things change yet they stay the same. I've changed a lot ever since I was originally margopolo_fimfiction (ugh cringey original first username), yet I'm still me. I'm still me and I'm still the same person that a lot of you have journeyed with. It's the same with fimfic and all of my Internet friends. Everything will be just the same, the only difference is that I won't be here. Everything stays, but it still changes.

I've been doing good with coping with my depression recently as well. I've done it by drawing some NSFW (which I'm setting up a private Twitter for) and also watching Adventure Time. My depression is not gone, it's just changed a bit. Kinda like life.

And here's some more stuff- I'm making an animated series. Well, planning it. I have original animations that I want to get to work on immediately while I'm working on my secret project behind the scenes. I'll frequently update whatever I'm doing on Tumblr, and I'll be making a new tumblr for my secret project. That's all well and good.

Anyways, last things. I'm coming out right now as a demiromantic pansexual. I mean, I've mentioned it before (not here) and I've been thinking about it and pondering it for a long time. After some realizations, I had to figure out my new labels and shit, so now that's all well and good! What am I gonna do next? Well I have no clue! I do have a small crush on one of my friends, Gavin (even though I feel a stronger romantic attraction to Diamond), so that's nice. I'm not as straight as a noodle anymore.

Alright, I think that'll do it for my final blog post. It's sad to know that this is it guys. But just know that this is only the end of me here. You can follow me on the following social media pages, and friend me on Discord ((and join my fucking server pls it's as dead as a 70 year-old tarantula.))



Alfredo[url] Tumblr: [url=https://thearquius.tumblr.com/]thearquius but it's on tumblr[/url]

thearquius but it's on instagram

Snapchat (I barely use this):

fucking stupid old username

Discord Info:
- Server: Arq's Lobster Hype Train
- Username: TheArquius#5461


SoundlCloud (where I'll make bad rap songs):

And that's about all of my social media. Time for some goodbye songs. I've been listening to these, and you guys have been on my mind while I was listening to them, so this is for you!

And finally, I wouldn’t leave you guys without showing off some last art.

Alright everyone. It’s been an honor. Thank you so much for having me on this journey. Also, go like all of Ice Star’s stories (he told me to say it).

Have a nice time >:]

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Bye. Can I finish yer RvB storu for u though? If not, that's OK. Good luck though, wherever you find yourself.

ooooooooooooooooo you're the one who- bah never mind you'll know what i mean by that

I wish you luck on your future endeavors 💙


I will miss you my friend, but I respect your decision to leave. I wish you success in everything you do. Keep on being awesome. :heart:

Indeed, it has been an honor. Until the next time we meet, Arq, stay awesome, and have as fantastic of a life as you can!

We’re all going to miss you, Church.

If you don’t mind, i’ll Keep following you elsewhere.

Because you’re a champion.

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