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Moving Forward (Final Blog 1/2) · 11:25pm Oct 1st, 2018

Hey everyone. So I'm just here to tie up some loose ends. It's been an emotional past few days and I've had a lot of realizations within them. This isn't only about the breakup, but more of everything as a whole.

As you know, fluffysam1212 and I have broken up. It kinda sucks dinosaur balls, but it's also taught me a few things and made me realize a few things about myself.

1. Life just kinda sucks. It's gonna knock you down at some points, and at others it'll be friendly. It's mostly sadistic, but it's sadistic because it wants you to learn from it. You have to get back in the ring, and show it what you've learned.

2. I've kinda learned what love is. True love, that is. As I've been pondering on it, I've just realized, after 11 months that love isn't an emotion that you can feel. It's actually something a lot different, and a lot more serious. Joy, pain, happiness, anger, and sadness are all emotions. Love is commitment. Love is saying "Hey, I don't feel too good about this right now, and I'm unhappy with you, but I still love you anyways". Love can provide many different emotions, such as the ones I listed above. In some ways, it's just like life. Even though it's something that will more often give you the positive emotions, it'll sometimes also give you the negative. But like life, you just gotta get back in the ring and try to overcome it. I still have true love in my heart for her, but it's clear that she doesn't have the same for me. That's fine. Even still, I'm gonna get back in the ring, and even though I lost this battle, it doesn't mean that it's gonna be my last.

3. Sometimes what feels right just isn't right. It can hurt to say that you're wrong, but it'll probably be better in the long run.

For now, we're gonna be "best friends", even though I honestly don't understand the concept very well. Before I come back to actually be present in the lives of her and some other friends, I'm gonna try to find myself some time to grieve and heal. Just some tears before I get back in the fight yet again. And in the next fight, I'm gonna make sure to try my absolute damn hardest.

Also, I have realized what it means to be a true friend. "Friendship is Magic" blah blah blah, I'm not a brony anymore but you can take it as that. Recently I've had a hard time with one of my friends. He had previously been really antagonistic, and I felt that maybe I should take a break from that. But I realized today that "Oh fuck he actually has a reason to be antagonistic", so I'm gonna be trying to support him from now on. This has taught me that good friends are always there for whoever needs them. Even if they never say it, good friends will always try to support and help out. That's my goal for now, at least.

Anyways, here's the last thing for this blog- what does the title mean? Final Blog 1/2?

Well. That's quite literally what this is. My second to last blog. My last blog will come out in the near future with my final story, "The Day it Would've Been", a final piece of art for your viewing pleasure, some goodbye music, and links to pretty much all of my social media. My ex was pretty much the lifeline of this account, but now that we're not together anymore, this really has no purpose. As soon as that blog is posted, that'll be it. I apologize for any inconveniences, especially regarding my stories. (Speaking of those, please don't continue them. I get a lot of people asking to do that, but I feel that it'd be appropriate if I left them as they are)

Anyways, for the second to last time, this is TheArquius signing off. I'll see you soon.

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I am so sorry to hear about your breakup. I am also sad to see you leave the site. I wish you success as you move onto bigger things. Keep on being awesome, my friend. :heart:

big oofs dude
dm me if you ever want to

Whew... Ya, life will do that to you. In whatever twisted way , it forces us to move on in one way or another. It is best to take the time to rest your heart, but once done, keep moving. Life has delt a quite the displeasurable hand to you, but I believe you will overcome this. Good luck to you Arquius, and I will see you again next time, whenever that may be. Wherever that may be. Instagram, YouTube. It has been an honor to know you on this site, and an honor to read the stories you wrote. And as best as you can in this moment, have a good day/ night...


I'm sorry to hear about the bad news, I hope you'll find success in the ring after some time

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