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Best. Nightmare Night. EVER. · 3:01am Nov 1st, 2012

Got to dress as Slenderman, walk around with some of my closest friends, freaked people out kuz, and then won the costume competition. New headphones for me.


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Wowy-zowy! Sounded great! I just walked around picking up all the litter I saw... but it made me feel good inside!

I did nothing!


I got drunk and high.:pinkiecrazy:

Hey! You misspelled 'Nightmare'!

Lawl, Nightamre Night!

We must be connected. Because I dressed exactly like that. I didn't win a contest or anything but if there was one, they said I would win. I also kids from my door.

466513>>466597 ... I've dishonored my you all... I must now kill myself.:fluttershyouch:

466892 Maybe we're the same person... :pinkiecrazy:

466959 So I have a doppelganger now...:trixieshiftright: This is nice.:twilightsmile:

467000 I remember that.:rainbowlaugh:

467006 This is getting weird...:twilightoops:

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