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    I am bad at keeping promises.

    Around mid-January of this year I told myself 'It's been 4 years, I need to get this story to a certain point before its anniversary.'

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    i'm alive?

    Lost the job,

    School again because class scheduling was fucked


    I don't even fucking know anymore . . .

    I swear to god, I'm actually working on the next chapter right now.

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    (I promise, the stories aren't 'dead' . . . I just have a bunch of shit to do right now.)

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    My advice: Go pick up a trade.

    Be a plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc . . . the world needs more of those.

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    Music Spotlight #11:

    Dammit, Shaun, this is hilarious.
    (And relatable on some levels.).

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I am bad at keeping promises. · 2:56am Aug 30th, 2018

Around mid-January of this year I told myself 'It's been 4 years, I need to get this story to a certain point before its anniversary.'

That anniversary is only >3 months away. The point I was referring to is in the last act of the story, and I'd still consider what's published to amount to act 1, out of 5. It's not gonna happen. I just can't write that fast. Like, I can't physically do it.

Even if I could, I don't want to. No, it's not that I am purposefully delaying it, I don't hate myself to that degree . . . I just, can't find the motivation to do it. Hell, I can't really find a reason to write anything for this site anymore.

It's not that I hate the place, no not at all. I'm just done.

If someone reads this, and desperately wants to see anything I've started get finished . . . message me, I guess. If you think you're up to it we can see about handing it off to you. I have enough information written down in various docs that I can share with you so you can copy it all down.

Once someone takes it over, or after a few months have passed, I'm probably gonna delete that folder entirely. I have no hard feelings towards this site, but I just don't feel like sticking around too much anymore. Not actively, at least.

tl;dr = Sorry to you out there that may have wanted to see me be the one to finish this, but I just can't do it anymore.

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This didn't need said in the actual post, but in case anyone was wondering:

There's also been this nagging thought in the back of my head, for awhile now, reminding me that I've been writing a piece of fiction that
A) can never truly be published, at least not without heavy editing.
B) I could never show friends/family.
C) It all basically amounts to 67,000 words that I could have put towards the actual novel I intend to publish.

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