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Country Equivalents Series- Asia · 12:01pm Aug 18th, 2018

I'm something of an Etymology Enthusiast. I love finding out how words came to existence, where they came from and what they mean when you take them apart.
So I thought I might try my hand at creating a real-world equivalent series of the world's countries.
Feel free to use these (Though please credit me)

West Asia- Ashwar

· Armenia: Erivara
· Bahrain: Lalura
· Iran: Khayla
· Iraq: Duraq
· Israel: Nesora (Little Miracle)
· Jordan: Kimira
· Kuwait: Abarath
· Lebanon: Labanum
· Oman: Sabak
· Qatar: Banabir
· Saudi Arabia: Saraj/Saddle Arabia
· Syria: Zakara
· Turkey: Haissan
· UAE: New Saraj
· Yemen: Wafan

East Asia- Uba

· China: Longma/Chineigh
· Hong Kong: Tian Gang/Tim Pong
· Japan: Uma/Neighpon
· Korea: Mang-Ji/Mangea
· Macau- Haima Gang/Hamjam
· Mongolia: Adu’Khan
· Taiwan: Meihua/Mihara/Flyaway Isle

Central Asia- Onara

· Afghanistan: Atris (-tan)
· Azerbaijan: Talar (-istan)
· Kazakhstan: Jandor (-istan)
· Kyrgyzstan: Syldar (-istan)
· Tajikistan: Xari (-stan)
· Turkmenistan: Yunt (-istan)
· Uzbekistan: Talar (-istan)

South Asia- Bhora

· Bangladesh: Agnadesh
· Bhutan: Norbun
· India: Ghora
· Maldives: Cilacuna (Whale Islands)
· Nepal: Nayora
· Pakistan: Ghur (-istan)
· Sri Lanka: Varama (Diamond Isle)

Southeast Asia- Gran Carana

· Brunei: Darusam
· Cambodia: Sathea
· Indonesia: Bantingas
· Laos: Fawan
· Malaysia: Tembador
· Myanmar/Burma:
· Phillipines: Cianinas/Fillypines
· Singapore: Ninapore (Ghost Dog Bay)
· Thailand: Erawana
· Timor: Lagartica
· Vietnam: Saola

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All we need now, is a world map.

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