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Guys, personal question? [Explicit] · 6:53pm Aug 4th, 2018

So I met someone today. I wouldn't say friend, but I guess we used to be. Had a big fall out for something he did last year, if you remember. *Cough, this crap, cough.* He did eventually apologize, but still didn't trust.

Anyway, he'd been pestering me for over a month to meet. I have in and said yes to shut him up. A mistake if mine, as usual. Clingy all over again. At first hug, I could feel he was "excited" and he didn't even try to hide it.

So, already grossed out by that, he showed me a bunch of games he had, but knew he'd try to get close and cuddle even when he knew like the last time I was nowhere near comfortable with what he did. Kind of off-putting when he had add suggestions for porn sites. You like what you like, but when company if over, learn to use addblock.

So personal question, guys. If you knew this girl had been depressed for several weeks/months, would you pressure them to lie down and cuddle with them? Then as you get aroused, press your obvious boner against their leg even though they back away and you can obviously see they're uncomfortable?

I'm terribly shy and awkward when it comes to this stuff, and now just feel shitty all over again. Just want to know what you lot think.


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That person is a piece of shit.

Cut them out of your life as much as possible.

That person doesn't deserve you. You're too good for him.

I swear to god, he comes back every time like, "Omg, my dude, we have to hang out cos you know I used be be like your bezzie mate!" :facehoof:

He's a pain in the arse.

The guy sounds like a pervert with no sense of boundaries

I completely agree that this guy is just a pervert. You need to get the hell away from him right now and say exactly what you think of him if he ever tries to contact you again.

Was stupid of me to go there again.

I know, but it's really hard to talk about this kind of stuff.

Damn... ok..

I learned that it is ok to say no and what your thinking. It’s ok to go out of your way to make someone happy. As long as said somebody is close to you and you both have mutual trust. It is NOT ok if this someone is pressuring you and guilt tripping you to do physically intimate actions with him. You seem to have shown signs to him that you don’t feel safe and welcome, yet he coerced you into cuddling with him, and from the look of it, something far more worse.

So no, I wouldn’t pressure them. I wouldn’t even invite them to do this stunt in the first place. If I wanted to reconnect, I’d honestly press the reset button and just text this said girl and have things between us continue to grow back what it used to be.

Just ignore him. He's nothing but trouble. I know the type.

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