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  • 83 weeks
    Here's an update for ya

    They say if you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it. Perhaps that's been why I've barely written a thousand words for the next chapter since June; I've been graduated and searching for a job. I've had all the free time in the world and have done very little with it. Whoops.

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  • 98 weeks


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  • 148 weeks

    Who wants to hear about why the next chapter of Junior Speedster is going to be delayed? I promise it's a valid excuse this time.

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  • 154 weeks
    Minor edit to last chapter

    A couple of people have pointed out an inaccuracy to cannon in the last chapter pertaining to cutie marks being difficult to cover up. Yeah, apparently I've forgotten how easy it is from various episodes. I just made a quick edit to make it less magical. It's not really worth rereading, but I thought you'd might want to know.

    Carry on.


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  • 160 weeks
    Not-so-subtle prod

    I just got a notification that Junior Speedster was added to a collection called "Fermenting Cask." If that's not a sign that I've let time escape me again, then I don't know what is.

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