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Here's an update for ya · 5:46am Oct 30th, 2018

They say if you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it. Perhaps that's been why I've barely written a thousand words for the next chapter since June; I've been graduated and searching for a job. I've had all the free time in the world and have done very little with it. Whoops.

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...soon... · 7:13am Jul 12th, 2018



Delay · 5:29pm Jul 26th, 2017

Who wants to hear about why the next chapter of Junior Speedster is going to be delayed? I promise it's a valid excuse this time.

Well it was originally taking a while because of finals and traveling. Now It's going to be put on hold because I broke my arm while traveling. While typing with one hand is possible, it's grueling and I takes a long time. Since I have a lot of downtime this next month, I might get some work done on it, but please understand if it takes a long time.

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Minor edit to last chapter · 2:14am Jun 16th, 2017

A couple of people have pointed out an inaccuracy to cannon in the last chapter pertaining to cutie marks being difficult to cover up. Yeah, apparently I've forgotten how easy it is from various episodes. I just made a quick edit to make it less magical. It's not really worth rereading, but I thought you'd might want to know.

Carry on.


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Not-so-subtle prod · 7:29am May 3rd, 2017

I just got a notification that Junior Speedster was added to a collection called "Fermenting Cask." If that's not a sign that I've let time escape me again, then I don't know what is.

The reasoning is two-fold. My university does semesters a little different, so I just started a new and extra busy semester. I have free time, but much of that is spent cultivating a new relationship with a girl I've been seeing. The rest of the time?

Uh... Good question.

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Parents? · 1:29am Apr 14th, 2017

I haven't been keeping up too much with season 7 spoilers, so this might be old news. According to Tara Strong on a reddit AMA, we are gonna meet Rainbow's parents in season 7.


Is the Dad named Rainbow Blitz, or will he have a different name? Who will the mother be? How is this going to break my story continuity? WILL I EVEN GET TO THAT PART BY THE TIME THAT EPISODE COMES AROUND?!

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Life Sneaks Up · 2:11am Mar 6th, 2017

So I've had Chapter 6 halfway done for nearly two months now. I'm very sorry about that. This semester hit me like a freight train, making it the first semester in which "3 hours out for every hour in" rings true for me. I'm slowly making progress, but It may be a week or two until I get this lousy 4k word chapter done. Very sorry, everyone. I promise I'm still working on it!


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Whoops · 6:53pm Feb 9th, 2017

Remember how I said I would have the chapter done by the end of last week? Remember how the first three chapters were all published in the same week? Yeah.... sorry about that.

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The usual excuse · 6:14am Jan 29th, 2017

Let myself slack again. I have the outline done for chapter 6, I just need to start writing. I'll try to have it out by the end of the week.

Thanks for following the story, everyone!


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Falling behind · 7:10am Jan 2nd, 2017

Happy New Year, everyone.

Yeah, here's another one of those blogs. I've fallen behind and only just recently got started working on chapter 5. Holidays, family, friends, steam sale, you all understand.

Can't give a definite eta but it shouldn't take too long. I just need to get the mojo flowing again.

Sorry for making you wait!


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