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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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Student Six Ranking, Version 2 · 3:02pm Jun 11th, 2018

It's probably a bit early to be doing this, as we still have half a season to go. But I think there's enough to work with to update the rankings for the Student Six (even if they've appeared so infrequently they might as well not exist). Here's the first version, from March. Let's see what changed. As always, this list is purely the result of my personal opinion so please respect it.

6. Sandbar
Why he stayed on the bottom: Sandbar hasn't gotten anything to really help him stand out, he's not even really the straight man of the group anymore. And he's still the student we know the least about. Yeah, in fanfics that means there's all kinds of things you can do with him, but in the show that just makes him a bland character.

5. Gallus
Why he moved down: With others moving up, Gallus has to move down. We have gotten hints of his nicer side, but still not much ellaboration on his character or his home situation. It doesn't even seem like he and Smolder are the bully characters anymore, they were just that way for the premiere.

4. Smolder
Why she moved up: "Molt Down" did give us some world building details on dragons, and mentioned that Smolder has (or at least had) a brother. We got some hints of her nicer side there too, but she was largely just expositing about the molt. As I said a few days ago, she really deserved to get a bigger role in "Molt Down". An episode with her and Spike hanging out, because Smolder is the only one who knows what Spike is going through, would've been even better than what we did get. Still, the molt could be an explanation as to why Smolder acts the way she does. She's a loner by choice, because she got used to having to fend for herself after leaving the nest.

3. Silverstream
Why she stayed the same: Silverstream probably should've been in "Surf and/or Turf" instead of the CMC (though we wouldn't have had Twilight acting like a big sister to them so maybe that wouldn't be the best idea considering what we'd get in "Marks for Effort"), especially considering the revelation of Terramar makes her the first of the student six to have a sibling both be mentioned and appear on-screen. It would've given her a chance to stand out more, because she basically remains the show's substitute for Princess Skystar.

2. Yona
Why she moved down: With someone else moving up, Yona had to move down. It makes a surprising amount of sense that Yona wouldn't know how to swim. Yaks live in the Frozen North, where it's cold all year round, and there's no bodies of water anywhere in Yakyakistan. So of course Yona, as a yak, would never have anywhere where she would learn how to swim. She still remains adorable and clumsy, and her fear of water was probably the first time we ever saw Yona not sure of herself. There's not much to really talk about for these characters, because we've gotten so little of them. But by process of elimination, you can probably tell who tops her.

1. Ocellus
Why she moved up: Ocellus seems to have more or less become the group leader, at least if "School Daze, Part 2", "Non-Compete Clause" and "Molt Down" are any indication. It's also interesting to learn that she can transform into any sort of creature, but retains her physical characteristics when she does so. We knew Thorax could turn into a bear, but aside from his voice his entire appearance changed. Ocellus retains her coat color when transforming. And she seems to have become a mix of Twilight and Fluttershy. So at least for now, because of those details, she is on the top.

And there you have it. Come back tomorrow, when we'll rank all the episodes of the show to date from worst to best.

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Comments ( 1 )

For me, it's still:
Smolder, who only got secured in her spot further thanks to Molt Down.
Gallus, who got secured further thanks to Non-Compete Clause

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