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Question time! I need your opinions~ · 9:23pm June 9th

Hi everypony,

I know it’s been awhile, I suffered a pretty bad depressive period the last three months. Things are getting better, my head feels like it’s reconnecting itself. Looking back over the parts I’ve written for FDTL so far, it’s missing something. A wonderfully helpful talk with Hail-King-Sombra came up with the suggestion that I ask YOU guys; the people thatve been supporting this story in it’s crazy path.

The chapter will be the final one for this story, and I aim to include the following;
- Sombra’s coronation.
- The wedding of Sombra & Shining Sea.
- Equestria finding out about Valance and Aura Blossoms relation to Tia and Luna.

My question is this:
What elements would YOU like to see in the final chapter? :rainbowkiss:

I can’t promise every single idea will be doable, but I will make every effort to include it. This is a story that has been a work of many years now, since my initial arrival in the pony fandom in 2014. It’s hard to end a work this big and this personal, so I want it to be special. And hay, there may be room for a mini-sequel. A shorter story (stop giggling, guys.), at least, compared to FDTL anyway.

So leave your thoughts in the comments below, I look forward to seeing them.

Thank you, everypony. :heart:

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Comments ( 5 )

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! (hugs) I have missed you so much!!!!!!!! :heart: Everything looks great. Maybe another story about Sombra and Shining Sea going on their honeymoon, having another baby. alittle boy who will become King after daddy. Maybe having Dark Magic just like Daddy. WHO will maybe be Flurry Heart's coltfriend/Husband. :raritywink: He did say he wanted to see Ponyville and Canetlot. Anyways I am sooooo happy you are back. :heart: ALSO I cant wait to see more of Sombra and Discord story. their son maybe being Flurry Heart's husband? Discord seeing his father again. Anyways BIG BIG BIG fan. :heart:

:heart::yay: I have missed you! It's awesome to have you back!:yay::heart:
Add some cameos in the story? Maybe Discord appears and makes some sort of remark before going back to Chaos and the King universe. ^^ :rainbowlaugh:

glad your back as for ideas maybe a little look into the future after coronation/ wedding like a how ever many years into the future kind of thing maybe another kid and a peak into what valance and aura blossom are doing now that kind of thing. hope you continue to feel better and thing keep going well😊

I don’t have any suggestions, just happy that you’re back!!!:heart:

Wait! Never mind! IDEA!!
Sombra goes to Ponyville!

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