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    Magic weapons and the logistics behind them.

    Magic runes and the logistics behind them.
    Runes/symbols have multiple factors to take into consideration that determine both there function and power.

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Magic weapons and the logistics behind them. · 3:14am Jun 5th, 2018

Magic runes and the logistics behind them.
Runes/symbols have multiple factors to take into consideration that determine both there function and power.

1) material - if you just carve a rune/symbol into a rock it won't hold much of a magical charge, it’s recommended that if you must carve into non-magical, stone, wood, or steel, then you should coat the inside of the rune in a magical conductor like paint made from blood and ground up gems, though for the strongest runes you need to start off with a gem base and write the rune/symbol on top of it as to keep the gem in shape, becose if you carve into a gem it leakes magical energy much faster.

2) shape- Most magical symbols throughout history have a deeper meaning to the civilization who originally made it, and how strongly the symbol was thought to hold magic power usually coincides with the symbals actual power. Magic as a whole is extremely influenced by thought and as such more well-known symbols tend to hold more power through this isn’t always the case as magic will exist without anyone around, it may be shaped by thought and feelings but it isn't dependent on it as such, ancient symbols who work by forcing magic through a process in its most basic form will work no matter what others will believe. It is of note that it is entirely possible to create new symbols if you find a way for the magic to flow through the symbol and then modify it to have a different outcome, like how a pentagram naturally redirects magic into the center but if you modify the pentagram with symbols representing fire for example and you put it near the water point it will reinforce the magic to affect fire and strengthen any fire-related affect it might have.

3) size- While the size of a rune can affect the power it can also change the actual effect of the rune, for example, a small low powered rune for fire might only heat up a stone instead of cause it to burst into fire like a larger one might have. Though the real advantage to smaller runes is the amount of power you can squeeze out of a large number of them you see one large rune can be powerful but a large network of smaller runes can both lead to a stronger spell and more intricate spellwork giving it more interesting effects, going from simple spells like shooting fire to homing fireballs that act as a shield to anyone wearing the rune. The main downside to this is that if you get even one of the runes wrong or if there's an inconsistency in power down the line if runes it could cause the entire thing to explode or the magic could act randomly doing any number of effects. One of the ways people have attempted to counteract this is by having a main larger intricate rune and a bunch of smaller “seeder” runs feeding the main one power.

4) power- runes act like the pen while magic is the ink, there are three main options as to where the magic for the rune comes from, the first is a simple magic scrubber that absorbs magic through the air and traps it in a crystal, this can work for smaller enchantments but larger ones would require a big battery and time in between uses. The second one is similar in the fact that it stores power but very different in use, you see the second option is to use a magically charged material to power spells, like soules or blood these materials are like coal in the fact that they hold lots of energy in a smaller space than most batteries, this requires a “tank” of sorts to hold the material but depending on the material it can be easily refilled. The third and final option is to use the casters own magic this can be very useful if a caster needs to use a complex spell but cant concentrate though can also be dangerous if the caster doesn't have enough magic to power the rune. This also runs the risk of using the casters magic quickly especially if its a constant drain like runes used to strengthen material though this also means a strong caster can supercharge said runes to give them a much stronger effect like a normal rune to strengthen steel could theoretically make a sword unbreakable as long as the caster has enough magic.

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Comments ( 3 )

I'll assume you'll eventually go into details on weapons that are only magical in the sense that they are conduits, meaning their primary purpose is to channel and unleash magic from either the one wielding them or from a separate source they carry?

Right the name was misleading I started with one idea and went in another direction towards the end though I will go into detail about weapons latter most weapons that are magical are just considered that do to runes enhancing them.

Well, this is part one then, isn't it?

So we've got Runic Weapons, I've brought your attention to Conduit Weapons, then there'd be Enchanted/Imbued Weapons, then... what do you think, Personalised Weapons in the context of how Kingdom Hearts' Organisation XIII weapons are somehow related to their personality, their element, the Nobodies they command (Axel is in charge of the Assassin Nobodies, Saix, the Beserkers and so on) and even the fact their members of Organisation XIII (ALL their weapons have some degree of resemblance to the Nobody emblem)?

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