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The god scale in fiction · 1:39am Apr 4th, 2018

Gods aren't all, all-knowing/ all-powerful beings, in both myths and modern fiction there's a scale of godly power and I will show my interpretation of this scale here for anyone to use for reference.

The Power Gods:
These are beings called gods because, they have enough power to force others to follow them, like in the god of war series where a mortal can theoretically kill a god if they smash there head against the ground enough. This group can have control over an aspect like a god of the oceans but this is either just a title they decided to go by or there powers could be tightly connected to it, but their death won't end with the other thing dying just going haywire like how in god of war killing the sea god doesn't make the seas to dry up but it does cause temporary stormes from the amount of power released from his death .
NOTE: in this case, the god doesn't need to be long-lived just powerful that's why Superman counts as a power “god” its also of note that Superman both has a cult in the comics and in a Marvel comic they referred to an alternate universe version of Superman as “Sun God” supporting the idea he deserves to count as a lower tier god.

Specialty Gods:
These gods, because they exist in another dimension and cant be hurt using something from ours or they just absorb anything else, can only be killed by specific means think Celestial bronze from Percy Jackson. Killing them is difficult but not impossible though most means.

Regenerate Gods:
These gods tend to have ethereal bodies or their bodies chocked full of energy to the point that they can remake parts of there body at will. Their body regenerates based on the amount of power they have left and as such, there are three ways to kill this type of god.
1) Absorb its power until it can’t regenerate and collapses almost like a power “bleed out”
2) Keep destroying the body until it uses all its power and cant regenerate and it literally dies of exhaustion.
3) Disperse its ethereal body essentially ripping it apart and destroying its mind. (This only works on ghostlike gods)

Aspect gods:
Aspect gods tend to be gods of the forest or something of the like. The main difference between these gods and power gods who take titles is that they live and die in there aspect. for example, a god of the forest would gain power from there forest and could control it, but that also means that if someone kills that god, the forest would die alongside them, the same goes if the forest is destroyed and the god cant stop it, the god would die as well. Thay can be extra tricky to fight if they are the aspect of something big like the sun. Killing them is still possible through some methods like...
1) Separating them from there aspect can lead them to a weakened state and can make killing them without consequences much easier especially if you take a god of a volcano and transport them to the middle of the ocean they'll grow weaker and drownd if not near there source of there power.
2) Sacrificing the aspect can also work if it's something small in the world like a forest or a single volcano you can afford to kill the god and let it die.
3) If you have similar powers to the god and are willing to fight it head on you can connect your power to the aspect, like if you connect your magic to the forest and you can overpower the god's connection you can essentially steal its power source either weakening it or killing it outright.
Creator gods:
These ones are the trickiest to kill a creator god tends to have control over the universe as a whole and as such cant, be killed by anything in world like a specialty god but is also connected to the world as a whole like an aspect god, this can make destroying them tricky and there are only three ways to do it.
1) You need to find a way to trap the god's conciseness inside a body and then trap the body somewhere without his power like an alternate universe or the void between worlds, the first part can be done if the god has a main “spirit” that acts almost like its brain or if you can trick it into a body and the second part can be accomplished by creating a portal and quickly throwing them inside while they're distracted. NOTE: if they used their own power to create their world then they will most likely be weekend to the level of the other gods on this list while separated from there world.
2) Destroy everything and I mean everything set off a bomb that literally undoes reality and engulfs the entire universe in pure nothingness this will deplete the god's power and bleed it of its life force.
3) You need to absorb its power while taking over its aspect, almost comparable to a turf war, where you slowly become the new god and take the old one's power peace by peace.

This is my list of the types of gods and how to kill them if I missed any type of god please comment the type down below and I will add it.

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