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A JD Review: MLP Season 8 Episode 9 - "Non-Compete Clause" · 8:50pm May 12th, 2018

The one where Applejack and Rainbow Dash haven't learned since season 1.

I watch it for the pot.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLright. In this week's episode, we see Fluttershy earn Employee of the Month for the 26th time and Rainbow and Applejack want it for the 27th. So, they have to take the students on a field trip in order to earn their respect.

Basically, Applejack wants some free child labor in building a shed, and Rainbow wants to use children to break a canoe record. Yona almost drowns, and Applejack and Rainbow do not give less of a damn, prompting Ocellus and Silverstream to save her. The students are really starting to grow on me. I especially like Gallus, his smart-ass attitude is just great. Reminds me of someone. :ajsmug:

Is it just me (it's probably not) or are Applejack and Rainbow acting really, really stupid in this episode? Like, more than normal. I know we need a problem in every episode, but just use your common sense. Hell, the students are acting smarter and more mature than two grown ponies. Also, when they needed to cross the ravine, why couldn't they just fly everyone one by one across? Why did they have to build a bridge? The students even point this out at the end of the episode! I get they were trying to cover for AJ and RD, but still...

Overall, not a bad episode, but not one I'll go back to anytime soon. 6/10. What were your thoughts?

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Trust me, it’s just not you. AJ and RD were very stupid in this episode. :applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:

I mean, I was cringing at their antics, especially when they started “agreeing” with each other.

Normally, I like watching them compete from time to time, but this was just ridiculous... well, more so than usual.

And they didn’t even really learn anything. Oh sure, they realized their actions got them in that predicament at the ravine, but there they were, butting heads again at the end.

The students had teamwork figured out before we got halfway through the episode. Props to them.

It’s just my opinion, but after this little stunt, not only should Applejack and Rainbow Dash not be considered for teacher-of-the-month, they should be banned from teaching at the school again, or at the very least, barred from future field trips.

Oh, and shame on Twilight for falling for that “we-learned-our-lesson-we’ll-behave-from-now-on” speech they gave. :twilightoops:

Anyway, I give the episode a 5/10.

This episode was extremely..... meh. Yeah AJ and RD were pretty stupid here I don’t mind them being competitive, but this made it seem like they forgot their lesson from fall weather friends and it got annoying at points.

The students and Twilight not falling for the lies at the end were the best parts of the episodes. I do think we need more episodes about the students especially since the episode with the teacher of the month says the school has been open for 9 months yet we only have had two episodes of the students.

So yeah not a bad episode but definitely my least favorite of the season so far.

Now that's a twist, didn't think those two would Stooge out of this one, the peewees had to carry their weight.

4859246 Twilight's still too forgiving. :facehoof:

4859561 Probably my least favorite as well. Hopefully the season picks up from here.

Hey Twilight, those two don't need to be sorry, they shouldn't take every bad thing on you, you're too forgiving, they need to take it as a lesson. To forgive is nothing as pointless, yes. Take the Ghost of Sparta for example.

Nice reference
Just got the new game about a week or so ago and FREAKIN hooked!

And try to check out my very first story, it's quite cool and it's based on the game, tho. Boy.

Will do...as soon as I get some other stories I've been reading caught up...and get some actually work done on my own stories
Oh vey I am very easily distracted
Whether it's Skyrim, Fallout or much more recently the new God of War or even just tv or movies
I will definitely take a look though

God those two were stupid. I felt like going in there and bashing their heads against one another at the end of the day just to shut them up.

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