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Just a girl trying to make it as an freelancer writer. Please check out my stories, both fanfiction and independent works! Any comments are deeply loved and you're all awesome.

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  • 229 weeks

    So, I've been kind of drained really bad lately and my mind has been unable to focus on my fanfiction works. Right now, that has been showing in my avatar work especially, but it'll be showing in glow as well before long. I'm currently working on a few side projects that have been absorbing all of my focus.

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  • 230 weeks
    My newest book, Her True Form, is currently free until 9-29-19

    Her True form, a transgender fantasy romance adventure, Following Yvette on her journey to acquire all she needs to fully transition. The start of a series exploring the emotions, dangers and struggles a transgender woman often experiences, through a fantasy adventure lens.

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  • 236 weeks
    Posting schedule shift

    So, a very, very big story idea hit me the other day. Effectively, the story of a trans-girl in a fantasy world, she's a mage in training, trying to become a full girl via magic. Granted, said magic is forbidden, at least to do it permanently, as such she has to go on a quest in order to gather the resources needed for this forbidden spell.

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  • 241 weeks
    My first book has be re-released!

    So, after a lot of hard work and preparation, I have begun the cycle of getting my original works out there under one consolidated name. As such, Landasy Reality is OFFICIALLY out once again, with another original work planning to be released coming next month.

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  • 242 weeks
    New posting schedule

    So, I've been thinking a LOT about how I post my stories. The biggest thing, right now? Is I tend to go a kind of 'feast or famine' approach. I'll focus entirely on a story, write write write, until it's done. This works well, in a way. I get a LOT of updates out quickly for a few stories. But, it has caused a few issues.

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Going to NW everfree! · 4:14pm May 8th, 2018

Thanks to an amazing friend (Angel, my editor! <3) This year I will be attending NW everfree. I hope I can meet so many awesome people and learn a whole bunch of things. This is my very first con ever, so I'm mega super excited! If any of my fans want to actually see me face to face and realize how much of a dork I am, this is your chance! (That's right, the great maskinos is a dork, fear herrrrrrr.)

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To bad I can’t go. I saving up for something else.

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