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Heavy Topic. · 8:02pm May 4th, 2018

-sigh- You know, I just think Queen Chrysalis remaining as a Villain forever is a BAD thing.

Why? "But Jimmy Hook, Queen Chrysalis is your favorite MLP Villain!" Well yes, she is. But do we want her to stay as a Villain forever and end up remaining as the only Evil Changeling or do we want her to be reformed, thereby eliminating the Old Changeling Race, aka Evil Changelings, and have for the sake of Fan Material and Fan Art of her being Reformed come true?

For starters, everyone is taking this line of Star Swirl from the 2nd Part of the Season 7 Finale a little too seriously for Chrysalis's Future in FiM:

Once a villain, always a villain

It just makes no sense for y'all to take that seriously. :/

Report JimmyHook19 · 231 views · #Heavy Topic
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Comments ( 4 )
Comment posted by Stardust Balance deleted May 4th, 2018

...I'd be much more inclined to respect your view on this, if you didn't think that everyone who doesn't want Chrysalis to reform is some of Starswirl-type Templar. >_<

I've laid out my views before on Chrysalis reforming, and why I think that's impossible.

Do NOT think that means I am against ALL villains reforming.

ok then..............

Although Starswirl was wrong, there are some villains in Equestria that are simply too evil to reform.

We're not sure about the Dazzlings; aside from them, there are six who don't seem to display a single redeeming quality or the slightest chance at redemption. Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, Midnight Sparkle (once separate from Sci-Twi), the shadow half of the Pony of Shadows, and the Storm King.

Starlight tried to reform Chrysalis, and Chrysalis refused, even after seeing what redemption would do for her. Realistically I don't think she has it in her.

But, I definitely don't think she should stay a villain on the loose forever. I for one would love to see her end up like Sombra, Midnight, and the Storm King, if the new writers have it in them. (And they definitely could do it too, there are more family-friendly ways they could than Sombra and the Storm King) Redemption is the next best thing if it's possible, then some form of magical potentially-permanent imprisonment like banished to limbo or turned to stone forever.

And honestly we can expect anything at this point coz the new writers don't care about consistency and stretch things a great deal. Non-Compete Clause is proof of that. While usually this is bad news, it could at LEAST provide closure for Chrysalis, though not necessarily in the best way. They could suddenly make her redeemable or kill her in a kinda hokey way or something. (They kept her and Tirek available to use again, but if Chrysalis is demoted to one-shot episodes they don't seem to really know much of what to do with her so no more return value. UNLESS she reforms in her next appearance)

Their stories just feel incomplete if they don't die, reform, or at LEAST get some imprisonment that could last forever, which is a lot harder to do with Chrysalis than Tirek, who by the way is coming back at the end of the season so maybe she breaks him out?

Just do something with her before you have to get ridiculous to do it later. But if she's still alive and evil by the end of the season, I'll ignore Season 9 and go by my headcanon. It isn't the highest quality story, but better than some of the Season 8 episodes.

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