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The Butterfly of Animosity · 10:28pm Mar 23rd, 2018

Butterfly of Animosity AKA Element of Cruelty

origin: One of the six side effects of the creation of the Elements of Harmony.

Bio: This butterfly is considered the worst of all the elements. As it is a creature and not a mere artifact it can move and get to more places. When the Butterfly lands on a host it stays with that host until their death. No other methods of removal have been found. This causes a number of things to happen, in a specific order.
First: The host begins to become mean and hateful towards those they only considered slightly annoying.
Second: They become very violent and resort to murder.
Third: The final effect causes...cannibalism. The host will become to eat raw meat of any kind...including their murder victims.
There is no current reversal known.
This next message has Celestia's Seal of Approval

Anyone suffering from these effect must have their life taken or, if possible, have host delivered to the Princess for study of a cure.

Danger Level: 78

Comments ( 3 )

So the third stage is, basically, being a zombie...

Wow, Evil Fluttershy would be terrifying!:pinkiegasp:

...The thought of Fluttershy doing that type of crime against ponykind sends chills down my spine and will continue to do so until our days have ended on this planet.

Fluttershy: Let nature run its course...

I also had chills just writing this.

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